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Ginet 84 And What Happened Once You Stopped It

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Hi guys, im wondering what is the deal with coming off ginet & acne. Im Really confused as reading the packet info it seems like they believe it should "treat" acne in the longer term once you stop, but i have heard many say it comes right back! Ive been on Ginet for 4 months now, i made myself stay on it for 3 before i would consider coming off it as its had some side effects that are upsetting (i have an eating disorder) so the hunger & increase in breast size has been REALLY distressing. Also i feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of my body, even my nose is constantly bone dry & everytime i restart them after the inactive pills i spent hours in bed vomiting.

Its reallllly helped my skin when Nothing else has in the past, like literally i only get 1 or 2 blemishes a month now! although it got waaaay worse suring the first month

Anyway so has anyone come off Ginet and actually seen a lasting difference? if not, how long until your acne started to reoccur?

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I'm no doctor, but to my knowledge, birth control will only 'control' your hormones while you're actually taking the medicine. It may take a couple months at most before your acne returns but there's a 99% chance that it will regardless; and from the stories i've heard, with vengeance. I'm not trying to put you off but that seems to be the general consensus, (and the reason i'm hesitant about trying it for my acne - I don't want the side effects and I don't want to become dependent on it). Perhaps you could look at another pill with your doctor or whoever, there seems to be plenty out there... Or else if you do come of birth control entirely, the only other thing I could suggest would be to see a naturopath and get your hormones under control naturally.

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