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10Mg Per Day Accutane... Not Seeing Results Yet ? How Long Did It Take You To See Results ?

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I have had mild acne that is sometimes moderate since I was 15 years old. I am 19 now, and I have tried almost every single topical under the sun, and also going dairy free and gluten free (didn't work for me, go figure). Because I wanted something that was almost guaranteed to clear me up, I began taking 10mg per day of Accutane nearly 3-4 months ago after seeing almost everyone get great results with such a low dose, and I wanted to avoid the higher side effects. I no longer have oily skin, in fact it is a little bit dry around my acne-prone areas, also I have not gotten a single inflamed pimple since I started HOWEVER I am still dealing with many many many tiny little pimples/whiteheads around the sides of my nose and moustache area along with under the sides of my mouth that HAVEN'T gone away, and i have been on 10mg of accutane for 3-4 months. Basically, Oily Skin+ inflamed pimples are GONE, but tiny tiny scattered pimples in clusters are still in full force and don't appear to be surrendering any time soon.

HOW LONG UNTIL YOU GUYS STARTED SEEING RESULTS with 10mg/day?? I am getting frustrated !! I feel like I am one of those unlucky people that NOTHING seems to work for and I am starting to worry accutane will not work for me either !!

Please let me know, maybe I can get a general idea of what to expect. thanks

P.S I included a picture, it might not look that bad but in better lighting you can see the dozens upon dozens of small bumps that in a cluster give some areas of my face around the mouth/nose a red inflamed appearance.



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