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Derm Recommended Only Face Wipes?

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So at my last visit to the derm we dicussed my skin. Which at the moment looks much better spot wise, but dryness and sensitivity wise its lacking.

Everything a face wash touched my face it get soooo dry even if i use a pea size amount, with limited amount of water.

Also moisturizer makes my skin go nuts so thats very limited.

She recommended i use face wipes to use to wash my face but only use it on the parts of my face where i need to clean a bit.

She told me to try the cetaphil ones, so i am- but what i do is use a little water after i use a wipe just to get the residue off.

So what do you thinK???

p.s- i dont really wear face makeup

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Face wipes really don't do anything but wipe away surface debris. Even though your face is clear now, you want to keep it that way! Just cleaning the top and neglecting whats in your pores doesn't make sense.

Use the original cetaphil cleanser without water, use your wipes to remove the cleanser or a warm wash cloth.

I use cold cream myself. Keeps my pores clean and my face moisturized. I can't use face lotions either so if I feel like I need a little extra moisture I just rub in a small amount of cold cream.

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