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Hmm, 4 weeks until derm >_

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Well, I went to a GP today and got referred to a derm. He said the 'next step' would be to take a higher dose of the Doxycycline, I declined and said I'd rather go see a derm. He didn't seem to have a problem with this - in fact he seemed pretty disinterested in the entire thing but oh well. wink.gif

So I made an appointment for a derm, never having seen a specialist before I was quite surprised to learn I'd have to wait 4 weeks to see one! I wish I made the appointment earlier now. eusa_think.gif

I finally got the ball rolling though, I've been procrastinating on the 'tane for a long time now.

Take care all.

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Are you still taking Doxycycline? Since you have to wait four weeks, I don't think it would hurt if you are or even if your GP ups your dose. Also, are you using any topical lotions?

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my derm told me upping the dose on antibiotics does't help that much, But that was with oxytet. My gp made it take 6 a day.

About the derm, where ar eyou? Here in the UK I had to wait 10 months! That was a few years back though.

Make sure you suck up to the derm and tell them how acne is affecting your life. They wil be more inclined to prescribe you stuff

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I am in the United States so I see my dermatologist several times a week and at my request. The nurses and I get along really well so I can call them and get in later in the day or, at least, within the week. For this one thing, I am happy.

Where are you, Spot? If you're in the US, become super-annoying to the dermatologist, cry if you have to, just get in there to get the treatment you desperately need or you will just throw your head down on the pillow and cry yourself to sleep.... eusa_boohoo.gif

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Don't feel alone, it takes me anywhere between 3-6 weeks to get into my derm as well.... under normal circumstances at least. Now that I'm Accutane, it seems they have an easier time making room for me smile.gif I suppose because this time around, my appointments are mandatory. I'm in Canada by the way!

I agree with what others have said, sometimes you really need to be dramatic for specialists like derms to take you seriously. Be sure to detail every product/prescription you've tried, how you feel about those treatments (eg. you don't want them again because they weren't strong enough), and make sure you talk about how your acne has made you feel (it's really affected your self-esteem, for example)... sometimes you really need to make a case for why you NEED whatever prescription you want. If you go in there being really happy and carefree it gives the impression that you're not all that concerned about your skin.

My derm always asks, "So how's it going?!" when I enter the room, and usually I'd always reply, "Pretty good!"... and then I'd tell him, "My skin's been a little worse lately, bla bla bla". Doing this, I kept getting rounds of antibiotics and all kinds of other milder prescriptions. Well, the last time I was in there, I changed my game plan and when he asked how I was, I said straight up, unhappily, "NOT good. My skin is not improving at all". Well, about 20 seconds later he was suggesting Accutane to me!

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