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I have suffered with persistent acne since the age of 13 and trying everything possible to help clear my skin, I was referred to a dermatologist in January 2012 when I was 18 years old and began a five month course of roaccutane. After the 4th month my skin cleared up amazingly and for the last two years I have had the perfect skin I never thought I could have. I would rarely get spots and if I did it was small and cleared quickly.

When I finished my course my dermatologist told me to stay on the dianette pill as it is the best for skin ( I have been on this since I was about 15, to help my skin).

2 months ago I ran out of dianette pills and went to my doctor to get a prescription for more. He wasnt happy with the amount of years I have been on this pill as it can cause blood clots etc and told me it was only meant to be a short term thing. He changed my pill the levest and my skin has gradually broken out worse and worse. I'm so upset that after all this time I am back fighting acne again. I saw the doctor again last week and he still won't put me back on dianette and has switched my pill to lizinna, which I cannot see anything online about it helping skin.

I have an appointment with him again next week as I refuse to wait three months on a pill that I know will not work. I'm unsure whether to ask to be referred to they dermatologist again for a second course of roaccutane, or go on minocyclin antibiotics as he suggested. I don't mind going on the antibiotics as they did work before but only for 9 or so months and my acne came back.

Has anyone else had this problem after being taken off a pill? Or just had their acne come back in general after roaccutane? Anyone had to do a second course of roaccutane?

I'm sad that I am back on this website as I really thought my skin had been sorted out, but coming off of dianette pill has made my skin awful again and at 22 it depresses me a lot, so I'm just looking for advice. Thank you xxx

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Most birth controls aren't that helpful for acne, the exceptions being Dianette, Belara, and Yaz.

Antibiotics rarely cure acne long-term.

I would ask to be switched to Belara or Yaz. At that point if he won't, find a different doctor. Belara and Yaz don't have long-term contraindications like Dianette.

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