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Hi all, I have suffered with acne for 2+ years now first it started of severed but after being on a prescribed antibiotic and making a lot of healthy lifestyle changes it went to moderate acne but still has not gone? Still to this day I wake up every morning with the same red scars left and even more white heads over my cheeks and round the mouth area where they are more painful above my lip on the sides of my nose and on my chin. I do not understand why everyday I wake up with a new load of whiteheads. I went to see my gp as the whiteheads also starting appearing all over my scalp painful ones and she put me on Oxytetracylcine, I have taking these 4x a day and no result? I work and my acne has made me socially awkward I feel like people judge me straight away by my skin and must think I eat junk or very unhealthily which isn't the case I made big lifestyle changes (green tea, fruit&veg, cut out dairy/sugar/oils drinking 8 litres of water) it feels like a never ending cycle. My sisters both had acne also but there's just both managed to clear up and one day their skin was clear and soft mine is still crusty bumpy and red. Please if anyone can advise any face wash or their reviews on taking Oxytetracylcine please do or anything to take away redness. Thanks

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Hello john, I'm also prone to acne since I was a teen and I always got these breakouts on my cheeks. I have tried several facial cleansers and moisturizers but It didn't make any changes on skin. Just a week ago, I started using natural manuka honey, they say its a honey from New Zealand. I could see difference with my larger pimples now.

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