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Am really new to this forum and seem to feel comfortable to see other ppl with acne problems and trying to help each other out. eusa_angel.gif And really like to thank anyone who replies to my problem.For the last 1 week i started out with a small red bump on my right side of my nose by the days it gradually increased with redness around it and has a white round little circle in the mddle of it am thinking it could be a cyst but dunno. This past week i poped out with another one very identical except its smaller for right now, but it has red around it and a white spot in middle but has a little white stick pointy pick coming out of it confused.gif . Right now am trying Natures care using both the pills and Cream(5.0%BP).The cream made it dry and make the yellow stuff come out faster, its been two weeks now and i see nothing new but the yellow stuff coming out faster eusa_doh.gif These two unknonw pimples are like bullhorns on my nose,one on my right side and left side cry.gif Can someone plz help am waiting patiently not thoucing them not carring what my fellow students are saying at school but i usually see some cute girl and i have to face down while walking ninja.gif Thx for the replies!

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Those sound like the pustules I get, not cysts. They're pretty awful to have because they stick around for a week or more and sometimes they get huge (and noticeable from a good distance away!), but there's really nothing you can do about it. Don't pop them-- 1) they sometimes just fill back up with pus anyway; or 2) they leave a scar. Use anything that helps dry them out. What are you doing as far as preventative treatment goes? The regimen hasn't totally taken care of the problem for me, but they are less frequent, not quite as big, and seem to go away a bit faster.

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Thanks very much for the reply. For now am using a Natures Cure 5.0% BP cream it really makes them dry and seeems i can handle them for some time as long as they dont get bigger eusa_dance.gif And since am barely 14 i havent tried to used the regime since it says to shave?? eusa_think.gif

PS:Today around 4clock in the morning i was blanketing around and moving in my bed then suddenly splat my soft blanket poped one! mad.gif I woked up and found blood around the pustule not really much just 1 bit but would it leave me a scar or get more infected it was my blanket that touched it. confused.gif

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That part is just telling people who shave, how to shave, just like having makeup instructions for girls doesn't mean every girl has to wear makeup. You can try the regimen. Good luck!

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