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Stretch Marks

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Well I have tons of stretch marks on my biceps and my chest and my back. Also I was never fat, I don;'t know how i got this. Does anyone know what I treatment i could use on these stretch and be able to get damn good results?

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have you ever juiced (do steroids?)

take a look at anybody who juices next time your at the gym and 90% of them have stretch marks on their biceps, and right in the shoulder/chest area right by the armpit. Its also possibly if you started working out hardcore natrually and eating right that your muscles could have started to grow faster then your skin could stretch, hence the formation of stretch marks.

the upside is this -- a study that was done in france found that males who devoloped stretchmarks easily during the course of resistance training had the genetic ability to hold more lean mass (muscle) on their frame then those who did not develop stretch marks easily.

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I have ben bodybuilding for 5 years and I have stretch marks on the sides of my chest, biceps, and the back of my delts. After a while they all turn white and are hardly noticable. Coco butter, vit E , aloe vera might take the redness out but the only thing you can do to get rid is probably laser surgery.

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