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First of all, i woud like to say that being an acne sufferer, i totally understand the pains, feelings and other several emotions which effect to our daily life activities. It took me 4 years plus to find a cure which i can say I found a cure to acne. I read this forum and learnt a lot. So, I decided to make an account and give back to this forum for what I have learnt these years.

Long stroy to short, I got the first acne on 2009 which was severe. I had no experiences so my sister brought me to a lady which she used a needle and extracted every single pimples. * Damn it* It led me to scars. I wish I knew earlier that I was in deep trouble. Every two weeks, I went to her and did an extraction. But I realised later that it didn't cure my problems. That time, I was in my final year of university so you could probably imagine how stressful and sad of my life. I never want to get back to that time ever.

Then, I tried all the acne cured creams, gels whatever you named it. Some of them are good. Some of them made my conditions worst. It was so painful to watch my face condition every morning. Fast forward, on 2011 I met with the good doctor who prescribed me accutane for my acne. It was not easy but I went trough it.

Accutane cured my acne, no more oily skin and only left with scars. At that point, I was so overjoyed and didnt follow up with proper diet. Being a social guy, I went to parties, birthdays, outings. I had been enjoying my life to the max. It won't last long. This freaking acne hunted me back after 6 months.

I am telling you all this as how it is important to be a strict person to find a cure. So, let me tell you how I cured my acne and oily skin.

1. I followed paleo diet on Jan 2014. I lost weights and i became fit. At first, my family around me do not support this as they have a mindset that rice and grains are essential for our meals. In aisa where I live, people always ask, " hav u eaten rice ? insted of have you had lunch? " . So, you could see how grains effect our daily meals. I cut of all the grains, processed foods, coffee, teas, sugars, diary, eggs,canned foods, crackers, breads and flours. So, most of the time, I eat meat and vegetables. Sometimes, I still enjoy a little bit of beans. I don't cut off beans as it is not an issue for me. I dont follow 100% strict diet. Only 80/20 most of the time.

Do I have clear skin after this diet ? Well, I enjoy 70% of clear skin. But I still get one or two pimples. So, I did more researches. I even ordered exposed skin clear system which I returned back later as I dont need that anymore.

Finally, I found the jitsaw of my puzzle. It is " Fermented Cod Liver Oil " . I bought the gel type. Let me tell you, since I took it with the proper diet , I dont have any acne anymore.

So, i can enjoy a few cheat foods from my diet if I take FCO regularly. Half teaspoon in the morning and Half teaspoon at night. Dont take it too much as it will cause hairloss. It did to me. If I took 1 teaspoon a day, I am in excellent condition. I just use a normal facewash, Apple cider vinegar (diluted with water) toner. Now, I no need to worry about this acne anymore and can focus on my work, my life and my family.

Pls let me know if you have any questions and I would be glad to answer that.



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I take regular Cod liver oil. What's the difference between CLO and FCLO in terms of health benefits? Is FCLO that much more beneficial not only for acne but overall too?

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