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Anything At All To Speed Up Cysts Going Away?

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All my usual tricks aren't working on this crop of 3 huuuuge cysts under my skin. Zinc, ibuprofen, pawpaw cream, icing, Nelson's, ect.

I just hate how they hang out for months and months. I'd rather have a huge whitehead I can just pop. Wtf!

I hope someone has ideas...

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Cortisone shot or ointment; tea tree oil (I'm thinking about it now); Mario Badescu's buffering lotion, which works better than the drying lotion for me.

Sulfur usually works better than bp for me but lately I've started going back to 10% bp gel for big hard pimples.

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Forget the ice use heat! Doing warm compresses works better. Should come to a head in a couple weeks or come to the surface enough to drain it. Let your lymphatic system do most of the work for you. Also keep it moist in between the warm compress. I use cold cream but you can use Neosporin or any other emollient

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Thanks all, I only just noticed the replies.

I didn't know about the warm compress thing, I'll try it. I'd like to go to the derm for a shot, but can't really afford stuff like that now :(

But I will try the cream.

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