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The Scars That Mark Me

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Hello. My name is Valeska. I am an average 17 year old in college instead of high school. This sounds impressive, but it's only because I lack a social life. Ever since seventh grade, I have been picking at my acne. Scissors, needles, fingers, Q-tips, and other such things were what I used to "control" my acne. This never worked.

Now I am covered in scars from head to toe. The dermatologist I saw not long ago was even surprised by the sheer amount of discoloration. So what do I do? How do I react when others call me "stoner" and "emo"? This destruction of my skin is not for attention. I need help... My attempts to heal my wounds with Neosporin, excersise, and eating healthy failed to help.

Is anyone else in this position?

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Maybe you should try the AHA provided by this website or go to makeupartistchoice and pick up the radience peel or the salicylic/mandelic acid peel. They always have a daily deal where you can get 15-25% off your purchase! I have a bunch of discoloration too..and I've been using these produts for about three weeks now and I see improvement.

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When you say scars, do you mean post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red marks) or actual acne scars that are pitted? People often confuse the two.

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