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i need to get rid of my acne NOW! im so sick of how it ruins my life EVERY DAY!!! i just came across this zenmed thing & it looks promising! anyone tried it? how fast do you see results? lemme know i might want to try this! thankz! also..im taking doxycycline right now....if i got this zenmed should i stop the doxy?

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I recently used Zenmed and was frustrated by my results. I looked around the web for places to post a product review (because obviously Zenmed won't post my remarks in their "testimonials" section), and couldn't find any, so I decided this forum was the best way to go. I would think twice about this product. It's very expensive and all-natural doesn't always mean all good. On their web site they suggest that you should start to see results after four weeks, but should see definite results after eight. I took it for the full eight just to be certain. I saw no results for a few weeks even though I was using it according to package directions, and then started breaking out a bit more in the fourth. I figured this meant all those toxins were clearing and soon I would be blemish free. Wrong. I broke out in places that I've never broken out before (on my neck, inside my nose even) but I weathered it. Then in week seven huge cysts started to march across my chin in straight lines, accompanied by tons of tiny white pimples. My face was itchy and sore. I contacted Zenmed and even they suggested that I stop taking it. It's been a few weeks off and I've seen a dramatic improvement, but the cysts are proving stubborn and I'm still getting outbreaks of tiny, itchy, painful zits. This product may work for you, it may not, I don't know - but I certainly wouldn't advise taking it for longer than four weeks.

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