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Spiro - 5 Month Progress Report

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So I am five months into taking spiro for body acne, face acne and facial hair. I started with 50mg and upped to 75mg a day three months in. I thought I'd post for others taking it or thinking about taking it.

I have not had any negative side effects. I have had some fatigue lately but I think that is unrelated to the spiro and more related to life stress.

I have:

-lost about 8 pounds and less appetite

-less oily skin and hair (I can get away without washing my hair every day now)

-better skin clarity on my face as old spots fade

-less cysts and pimples overall

-clogged pores and blackheads around my jawline and chin that won't go away and inflame if I pick them

-cystic breakouts in the week before my period on my back, but less than before

-no change in my menstrual cycle or emotional state

-facial hair that is unchanged

-thinning hair on my head that is unchanged (not worse or better)

Overall, I am happy with the spiro and I will continue to take it. I am going to wait another 3 months before I up to 100mg if I am still breaking out.

I am also using some BHA products from Paula's Choice (Resist Body Exfoliant 2%) which I really like - it is helping to fade old spots on my back and has totally gotten rid of the little bumps I had on the back of my arms. I am also using Dan's cleanser and a PC moisturizer.

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