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The Regimen And Bangs

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I did the Regimen for a year in 2008. I have dark brown hair, so the hair near my face became bleached. That, coupled with the fact that the Regimen only got me about 60-70% clear, convinced me to give up the Regimen and try other things, like oral/topical antibiotics.

I want to try the Regimen again. However, I now rock Zooey Deschanel bangs (long, straight bangs that cover my entire forehead). My initial thoughts were: 'My bangs cover my entire forehead. They're going to be dyed blonde and I'll look ridiculous!' But then I thought - 'Hey! My bangs cover my entire forehead! Who cares if I have acne where no one can see it?'

So, I'm thinking about doing the Regimen and not using it on my forehead. Unless it's windy out or I'm a pool, no one sees my forehead, so what's the problem? Also, my forehead is usually the least acne prone part of my face...

Two questions for you lovely people.

1. The problem is that I do occasionally get painful cysts (not often, but occasionally), so I need to put something on my forehead to try to keep it clear (just maybe not something as powerful as benzoyl peroxide)... Thoughts on something useful that won't dye my hair? Is it possible the AHA could be sufficient?

2. Has anyone else tried using the Regimen on only specific parts of their face? Does this sound like a reasonable plan, or a silly one?

Thanks in advance!

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Many people have acne that is isolated to just a portion of their face so they only treat the affected area.

You can certainly use The Acne.org Regimen on the rest of your face and just use the AHA on your forehead if you want to. Keep in mind that the AHA lotion alone typically doesn't clear as well as bp does but perhaps it may give you some relief in that area since you don't want to get bp on your hair.

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So BP bleaches hair as well? I can't tell because I'm a blonde. I'd advise cleansing the area and ensuring you still use lotion, just try not to place the BP where your hair will fall. As far as other products to use, I'm not too sure. I like the Joabba oil, but I don't know how it'd be without using BP.

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