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Acne Makes Me Depressed

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I just cannot stand this anymore. I've had severe acne ever since my teenage years and it's still haunting me today. I'm so sick of waking up every single day and looking at myself in the mirror and feeling ashamed of myself. All of my friends have flawless skin and don't even touch a bar of soap. They can just roll out of bed with amazing skin and go on with their days. I can't have a conversation with anyone without knowing that they're judging the way my face looks. I've tried so many acne medications and routines and nothing is getting better. I'm 21 years old! This shouldn't be happening still! Why me...just why me...? My self-esteem is through the floor and it's so hard having confidence in anything knowing that your face just looks absolutely awful. When will this stop? When will this go away?! There are some days where I can't even look in the mirror because I just can't stand to see what is on my face. My life would be SO MUCH EASIER if this would just stop...

When will it end? Anyone feel the same way?

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I definitely feel the same way . I am 17 and in high school. Sometimes I just wake up and look at myself in the mirror and think why me? What did I do wrong do deserve such an awful disease? Why can't it just be over haven't I suffered enough?

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Unfortunately, it might never end. My acne has gotten worse through time and shows no signs of ever going away.

I'm with temperatecent

I have suffered since I was 12. I'm 30 now finally realising that acne just isn't going to stop :(

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