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Things You Learned/gained From Having Acne/and Tips To Help Stay Positive.

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Well to kinda balance out the venting threads a little, I thought this would be a good idea. Venting is a good thing, but it can sometimes make us feel stuck and fall into more despair. So what have you guys learned or gained from having acne? And what are some tips you can give to help stay positive?
I know how hard acne and acne scars is. And it can be very challenging some days to find hope. It can be so tough to look in the mirror. It was so hard to go to work, especially since I decided to stop wearing makeup so my face could heal. I dreaded it. The disgusted looks customers and people gave me... some of the normals didnt even recognize me and thought I was new there when I didn't wear makeup. It was so embarassing. I cried myself to sleep so many times. I was already introverted but I became an absolute hermit. But I wouldnt try to change the past. I'm not religious at all but I do feel at times that things happen for a reason. Before having acne I was such a pushover, was "stuck" in a toxic relationship, ate really unhealthy and had very unhealthy habits. Having acne finally made me reach my limit. *I* left my ex because I couldnt take anymore of his shit, I finally got frustrated enough and reached my limit with him after years of unhappiness. I started eating very healthy, excercising, and learned to loooove cooking. I changed my unhealthy habits. I got my health back. My view of the world greatly expanded. I got back in touch with myself and what *I* want not what others want for me. I found a new boyfriend who I'm absolutely in love with and is so perfect. (yes, love is still possible for acne and acne scar sufferers!) And I finally beat acne. Now I'm dealing with the scars.
At days I think having acne scars are worse because they're so hard to get rid of, but when I look back at pictures of the acne I had, I much prefer the scars, and I see how far I come. To help stay positive when this war with acne scars gets me depressed, I keep reminding myself that I already won half the battles. I remind myself of the things I learned. I learned extreme empathy for people with skin diseases. Its so hard to deal with and I want to help them. If I have kids, I will be able to relate to them and will have a better idea of what to do if they got acne. I also learned, that contrary to the belief of many doctors, nutrition is everything. I also became a stronger person because of having acne.
I have a loving boyfriend now who helps keep me smiling, but before I started going out with him, it was really hard. I had to keep reminding myself to keep going, but it was hard to find hope sometimes. I would think sometimes: "why me?" but then another side of me said "be thankful your body warned you of the imbalance through acne before disease took over. Your body loves you so much". I would remind myself of things I learned and gained from it. But I think the other thing that really kept me going and able to keep hope was my dogs. They didnt give a shit that I had scars and acne. They couldnt care less what I looked like. They would jump on me and lick my face and give me pure love. I was able keep smiling and because of my dogs I could remember what it felt like at times to not have acne.

So dig deep, I'm sure everyone has gotten something positive out of having acne. Let's hear it! xD

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I still rely a lot on make up, but I have a very loving and supportive boyfriend who sees me without my makeup and loves me all the same. He even tells me my skin looks better without makeup (as if!). But I appreciate it nonetheless. I feel pretty lucky for never having too many family members/friends comment on my acne or "suggest" things like ProActive as though I've never tried it before. They would never say anything negative because they knew it upset me and would encourage me to try something new to help my acne.

Like you, my battle with active acne is over, but I have some scars and hyperpigmentation that is just as hard to get rid of. Still, this long journey (10 years!) has taught me to be nicer to other people. I wish I didn't need to have acne to learn this lesson, but I'm thankful for it anyway. It's made me be more considerate because I know we all have insecurities, and a lot of the time people like to pick on those to make themselves feel better. But having been on the receiving end of that for so long, I would never want to hurt someone like that.

It's nice to be reminded of all the good that has come out of it. And just in time for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. :D

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I am happy with you guys that acne battle is over. I have clearer skin and what we need is to make the good skin we have after the many fights and trials. I thank God that I do not have acne scars, thanks to Vitamin C and E Lotion and Collagen to keep my skin clearer and radiant. I also use facial masks made from natural ingredients like carrots and oatmeal which have whitening effects on my skin.

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