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Types And Causes Of Acne

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I'm curious to hear what type of acne you had that was cured with (or responded to) diet and/or supplements.

I have a theory that different forms of acne respond to different treatments, and are caused by different things. This might not apply to every type of acne, like cystic for instance, but I believe that the rash-like type of acne accompanied by rosacea/ redness is a definite sign of a compromised immune system (and the consequent allergies that may come with that).

I was reading this article , and the acne photos seem to fit what I get whenever I eat foods that I'm intolerant to. I also had adrenal fatigue, so that could be why my acne was similar (in addition to the cysts & nodules I had). It's not the same as hormonal acne, it's a different form, almost like a bumpy rash or eczema. It would be interesting to see if certain types of acne like the one below correspond to different conditions.


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Nodular acne and acne caused by hair follicles getting trapped in the pore then causing inflammation and attracting bacteria to the site (often called a cyst at this point) responded well to retinoids, but more importantly to proper shaving techniques, shaving hygiene, and post shave prep such as after shave with alcohol base. The alcohol closes the pore temporarily, but with continued, daily use has almost eliminated my issues because it reduces excess oiliness 1 day after shaving which therefore reduces bacteria promotion. The alcohol and aspirin content also acts as a mild shedding agent therefore exfoliates the skin, strengthening the pore, also keeping it open to allow the new hair follicle to grow straight through the skin without issue.

This is what has worked for me. When i do get something i use differin to speed up the healing process. So, while i have had different types of acne over the years as time went on and growth hormone stabilized i seen less inflammatory acne to more of the kind that arose after shaving, but i couldnt figure it out and was treating it incorrectly for years. The leftovers i get here and there is just do to poor dietary habits which are my own fault. But i work nights currently so i think that has something do with it.

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