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Ought I Schedule A Doctor's Appointment?

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Healthy 23yo here.

So, night before last I found I had developed what felt like a cystic pimple in the soft, fatty flesh of my upper inner thigh.

I judged I could pop it.

Not quite- only got a small amount of pus, & though I didn't feel any bursts I feared it had ruptured inward, sidewise, so I washed it & left it alone.

Yesterday I was busy working & didn't even spare a glance at it- it wasn't hurting any worse than the first time I noticed it, so no warning flags went up.

Today, it wasn't feeling as painful, so I figured my body was finishing it off. But when visiting the john, I noticed a spot of blood on the toilet seat.

It seems to have developed into a small open wound.

I went ahead and used some clean gauze to clean it & squeeze it, and got lots of faintly pussy blood & a small chunk of harder pus-stuff.

Before I applied rubbing alcohol, (hardly stung, so applied it twice), & dressed it with another piece of gauze & some tape, it was a small conical open/bleeding wound, I'd say an eighth-inch in diameter, with a smaller, darker red nadir, (not more than an eighth-inch deep either). No discoloration, no major swelling, I didn't notice abnormal redness around it but I forgot to critically appraise that. No pain normally, slight 1/10 pain when pressed.

First reaction was to call up my MCO & schedule something, but I don't want to over-react. Figured I'd wait overnight and see if it changes.

Anyone been in a similar situation?

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Changed the bandage this morning. Not much discharge in the gauze, still no discoloration aside from a (normal-looking) faintly-pink area around it, (no change). Nadir is darker red, but the rest of it is normal-colored & looks like it's been healing (maybe), but no obvious scab. Lightly prodded it, didn't get any discharge/feel any lumps underneath.

Reapplied rubbing alcohol, neosporin+bandage.

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I also had cystic pimples on my back and it was really awful and painful so I decided to go to my dermatologist and each of the cystic pimple was injected. Now they are gone but I need to use the prescribed soap and lotion to keep from coming back.. Exercise and drinking lots of water help also clear the pimples.

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