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What The Heck?

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Hey all! This really hurts my self esteem to the max! I am 28 and still have acne and it's at its worst! I have every type you can think of! I have these small white bumps that i can sometimes get the junk out of but they fill right back up. So I said why scar up my face if it's not getting me anywhere...I have enough as it is. My pores are bigger than ever. I started out with only a few small bumps around my mouth area around the age of 16 and they have spread all over! What are they and what can I do? Help please!?!?!?! It hurts so bad to show you these pics...I hate looking at them!



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Thanks for the vast support lol

What have you tried so far for the acne. What's your diet like? Have you seen a derm? The first thing i can suggest is to go the easiest route and clean up your diet by cutting out dairy and gluten. For many people, that is a tremendous help. As for topicals, a derm will probably recommend a retionoid and antimicrobial. If you want to do over the counter first, try bp.

Good Luck. It's a frustrating process but there is support here.

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Go to forums ,click on the rosacea , then click on the seborrheic dermatitis thread , click the last square 46 , this is the last page on this topic ,I get those pimples too , and I have used everything that there is to use for acne .

I have been frustrated lately ,I'm 52 and still dealing with this issue .I'm not saying you have to do what I'm doing, just read the last page ,...it has been active lately .

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