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Dr Bronner's Is Getting Rid Of My Blackheads And Acne

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The last few months I've tried everything to get rid of blackheads. I've probably bought 30 different things and haven't had any luck. I had heard really good things about Dr. Bronner's all in one bar soap helping acne. A few months ago I bought one in lavender because they didn't have a good selection and liked it but didn't stick with it. Then recently I bought the tea tree one which is the one I originally wanted and it is seriously amazing. NOTHING was been working on my acne, especially my blackheads. Somehow this soap cleans deeper than anything else. I've also ONLY been using this. I'm experimenting with not putting anything on my skin at night. No acne meds or moisturizer or anything to see if oxygen is the best thing and so far my skin is clearing up really well. If you feel like you're hopeless and have tried it all you should try it. It's only $4. I chose the bar soap over the liquid because with the liquid version you are supposed to dilute it and I didn't want to mess with all that. I've also read about people also liking the pepperment and the baby soap for acne.

Seriously, hooray for this soap...

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I just recently started using this soap as well... I use their Peppermint soap and let it sit on my face for about a minute and then rinse it off and apply their Tea tree soap and leave on for about a minute / rinse as well. After a day or two I noticed improvement. Not a cure all, but helps a lot!

I know when I was using 'The regimen" that as soon as I added the Jojoba oil to everything, I started seeing much better improvements.

I think the jojoba in Dr. Bronners soap helps the other ingredients soak into the skin more and helps break down skin oils.

I notice this soap is similar to using an apple cider vinegar based wash, in that both do a very well job of breaking down white heads. As in, enter shower with big fresh whitehead, let this soap soak in and gently rinse, and usually the whitehead is gone, and it does so without inflaming the area.

I have recently started doing the final rinse (rinsing the Tea tree soap off) with COLD water. Seems to be helping to break down sebum, get the Bronners soap in stubborn pores, and also prepares my skin for colloidal silver spray or colostrum mask that I just started using.

Honestly though, for me, if I can avoid masturbation for more than 4-5 weeks my skin starts clearing at an extreme rate, everything else is just supplemental for me. Ohh, and avoiding 100% of grains. If I slip up and have a burrito or taco (wheat / corn wrapped) then I feel fine for a day or two, then over the following week get horrible breakouts and depression.

Sorry for the rant, but yeah this soap is good stuff! (Especially good for curbing detox effects. I recently have been fixing my leaky gut and taking enzymes / probiotics and passing lots of parasites I never thought I had, the initial detox / breakout was horrible, but huge improvements since then.)

I honestly think anyone that this Bronner's soap does not clear up 99+% in the 2-4 weeks has some serious allergy, digestion, toxicity, deficiency issues that need to be addressed, because as far as skin goes, Bronner's works way better for me than even Cyclic silver soap does. I have half of a 80$ bar of silver soap left, and repeatedly reach for the Bronner's lol.

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