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Hey everyone,

I started my accutane adventure on the 19th June, so today I have just finished my 16th week. I weigh 140lbs and I took 30mg for the first four weeks and 40mg for the following twelve.

I last saw my dermatologist on the 11th September (twelve weeks into the course) and, seeing as she knew I was moving to Spain on the 17th, she prescribed me eight more weeks but told me to 'stop when I was ready, which could only take four weeks but could take six or even eight'.


So those vague instructions have left me in a bit of a pickle. I'm more or less completely clear now. Still sporting a few unpleasant dark marks and I'm a bit red as a result of the accutane; the only remaining 'active' acne I have left is a small lump under my skin which has been there for the past week or so and is slowly diminishing.

My question is: am I ready to stop taking the drug now, or should I continue for a further couple of weeks?

I don't want to do anything to jeopardise the treatment but I'm also desperate to stop asap because I'm struggling to make friends here being unable to drink and unable to sunbathe. I just wish I'd asked my derm if normal protocol is to be completely clear before you stop!

Someone please show me the light

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You should be completely clear before you stop. Not reaching total clarity is highly correlated with relapse (your acne coming back). Most derms will recommend that you:

a) Are completely clear for at least 2 months before stopping.

b) Have reached a cumulative dose of 120-150 mg/kg. (Just add up the mg you've taken and divide by your weight).

If you have been clear for a while and have reached your cumulative dose, you should be fine to stop.

Best of luck.

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