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I'm Scared To Use Topical Products, Help Please :(

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I started getting acne a year ago, when I was 16. I went to the dermatologist, she prescribed me epiduo, which is benzoyl peroxide. It made my acne so bad I stopped using it after 6 weeks. She said it would take a month to see improvements, heck I saw non.

I recently went to another dermatologist 4 months ago, she gave me clindamycin, and tretinoin retin-a (somewhere along those lines), as well as a fade cream for my dark spots.

Now, my acne has been getting better for the past 4 months, but recently I started breaking out so now I'm considering using these topicals she prescribed me.

I'm scared because I don't want to purge, or have the initial breakout. I'm currently in college, and my breakouts literally make me skip class because im so embarrassed My acne isn't bad, I just have like 4 pustules, 1 really big one on my cheek, and TONS of brown spots from previous acne .

Can someone please help me. Should I use these products? I swear I want to go to a new dermatologist and just bribe her to give me accutane cause I know for sure that it will work.

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Rub alcohol on your skin it works like magic. Dries out the skin (gets rid of the oil), which in turn causes the dead skin cells (that block the pores) to shed more, thus allowing the new skin cells to generate faster. And on top of all that it kills bacteria\infections.

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Take usar718's comments with a pinch of salt. Seems to be some trolling going in with that user.

I noticed man, thanks haha

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