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Advice Needed-Constant Whiteheads

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Hi all,

Quick back story... I'm 20 and suffer with mild acne (a lot of black and whiteheads) but in the past i tend to make it much worse and much more aggravated by constantly picking and squeezing causing infections,

Scabs and scars...

The last 2 weeks I have tried really hard to not wear any foundation, to stick to a regimented cleaning schedule of toning, cleaning, sometimes exfoliation/ and using a clay proactive face mask and of course moisturizing , I also daily used 10% benzoyl peroxide cream and my face wash is 2% salicyc acid.... I haven't picked or squeezed at blackheads/ whiteheads and my skin looks clear to the naked eye... But when I look close I can see all the blackheads getting darker and darker where they aren't budging and I see whiteheads forming under my skin as then of course not budging....

*just so we are all on the same page, when I say whitehead I am referring to the kind that isn't red, just slightly raised and under the skin, like sebum blocked in the pore*

Anyways I mainly get the whiteheads on my cheeks/jawline and the blackheads on my nose (loads!) chin and a combination of both on my forhead.

As I said before, my skin looks clear but I know these blackheads and whiteheads are there and I feel if I leave them 'unsqueezed' they will just sit there as blocked pores, and more will form as per usual and there will just be a build up.

So I did squeeze them today, with tissues on my fingers trying not to damage my skin, but my skin is now all red and blotchy from squeezing them:( I know you shouldn't as you can scar and also spread bacteria but NOTHING else I do prevents them or clears them up (the blocked pores causing whiteheads and blackheads). I feel I've tried everything :(

I'm really scared ill never find a way to stop them,'I've tried so hard to clear my skin up and not pick and squeeze but they just keep appearing, I thought the benzoyl peroxide and additional salycic acid treatments I use would stop the pores blocking but clearly they are not working in this area. I have used these side by side for 4 months now.

My questions are...

1) does anybody else suffer with just constant blackheads and whiteheads and how on earth do you control them? Especially the whiteheads these bug me the most as they are bumpy on my skin and take longer to heal when I squeeze them

2) as I am currently suffering from the red blotchy skin from squeezing blackheads and whiteheads, has anybody got any tips for making the redness go quicker? I just know I'm going to wake up tomorrow loathing myself when I see what I've done to my face with all the red marks. But those whiteheads wouldn't have budged without me squeezing them!

Please can somebody help, I am at the end of my tether and feel very disheartened by trying so hard the last few weeks after year of relentless squeezing as damaging of my skin,'to finally clear it up and yet still be haunted by these clogged pores, :(

Many thankyou to anyone in advance who can help!

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Hey I suffered from those little bumps mostly jawline under chin and neck. These little bumps called white heads can develop into the red pus filled bumps what they call papules and pustules and I found usually this would happen when I pick at them, around period time and sometimes if I was home late and forgot to wash make up off, it's the bacteria that causes them to swell and so on. I have gotten rid of majority of mine and I had a lot and this is how I did it. At night I use make up wipes to remove make up but remember that make up wipes do not remove all traces, I then washed my face twice with a gentle cream wash using qv gentle wash if you don't wear make up you probably will only need to wash once, now when you're onto the second wash make sure you wash very well in firm not rough circular motion just imagine that your getting that cleanser into your pore and in circles loosening the dirt skin oil inside but be gentle it's about massaging loosening the dirt out not scrubbing, make sure to wash off all traces of your cleanser then this is very important this help my skin on so many levels with all my skin problems you want to pat dry your face then slap some water on to your face again then use your hand to wipe off excess water (not a towel) wiping your hands onto a towel here and there so wipe hands across forehead then wipe excess water on hands onto a towel, the aim is to have your face not dripping wet but not patted towel dry either just so there is a thin layer of wetnes

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