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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for advice, I'm on accutane and nearly in my 2 week!every early days but hopefully I'm not alone when I say I have been ticking a lot of boxes when it comes to the common side effects.... It's very tough at the moment and it's taking it's toll on my skin, I know accutane works from the inside out but any info would be great to ease the pain of my face!

There are zillions of products and it's so hard to choose! I've managed to bring it down to one product... Aveeno can anyone recommend it I don't want my skin to suffer any more pain

Thanks in advance

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I highly recommend CeraVe Moisturizing cream for night! When you first use it, you probably will think it doesn't feel like its doing anything but my dry skin was literally gone overnight! Yes, my face still feels tight but theres no more flaky skin! Oh, I just saw that you're located in the UK. I'm not sure if they sell it there but I did a quick google search and you can grab it off of Amazon UK!


This is what I use in the morning!


And to tone my face before putting on moisturizer (day & night)


What are you currently using? The toner might be totally unnecessary, but I've used a toner for years now. And it seemed weird not to use it anymore. I used to use the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil toner for my acne. I can't use it now though since its drying!

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Hey acne30 how r u? I hope your doing well. I'm also on accutane and just started 2 weeks ago. Funny we started at the same time :)... I wanted to reply an let u no aveeno is the products I use an I think there great. I use the aveeno cream I get on prescription it doesn't leave a shine or break me out an moisturises very well and I also use there active naturals ultra calming foaming cleanser which doesn't irritate my skin or dry me out and I get that on ebay its around £10 including shipping. I live in the UK also so hopefully u will be able to get the cream free like me. Got to think positive on accutane its going to work for us both :)

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Thanks for replying skaims and dannyboy91!

I've been doing lots of research on what to use and what not to use as I'm not using anything!I'm too scared but I'm now at the point I need some relief to my poor face.

I have been looking at aveeno moisturiser and foaming cleanser too damnyboy91 so to know your in the same climate as me is reassuring would love to follow your story if you've posted one :)

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No problem acne30 just seems were in the exact same boat so wanted to reply :)... I think u should definitely look into aveeno iv been using there cream for years now and love it. Just recently got the cleanser and they seem to be a good combination. Accutane is going to do all the work for us so we just need to keep skin clean and well moisturised while being extremely patient lol. Its nice to no we r going through the exact same thing at the exact same time so if u need anyone to talk to u can send me a wee personal message no problem :)

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