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I'm Breaking Out Like Crazy! What Am I Doing Wrong?!

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Okay, so I ate two big tubs of chocolate ice cream on Monday (I have a binge-eating problem) and the dairy+sugar combo always makes me break out. So the next day I noticed three or four pimples on my forehead. I recently bought 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel for the blackheads on my nose so I thought I'd use it for these pimples as well. I also started using a new face wash on Monday, which has 2% salicylic acid. You'd think that these two things would keep my pimples under control. But they are 10x redder and bigger than before! And I also noticed two new pimples on my cheek today! My skin type is normal and I NEVER break out unless I consume sugar/dairy regularly or in big amounts.

I don't know why this is happening! Could it be because I'm using both BP and salicylic acid together? I use Jojoba oil as a moisturizer afterwards (it has never broken me out). I am also on my period, but I never get hormonal acne. What should I do?! I feel like crying! :(

Ps- I'm 17!

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I use Panoxyl 10% (Benzoyl Peroxide) and Garnier Pure A (Salicylic acid) so cant see this being the issue but like most gels/creams the skin might need a few weeks to settle down and get use to it...I use 10% strength because my skin has been use to it for many years but if you are new to BP some people can find it harsh on the skin and redness seems the normal. Just keep an eye on it as it might be your skin really doesn't like BP but I'm sure you will see improvement and the redness will go.....Being on your period could also be a trigger. I know you mentioned you don't normally get hormonal acne but this doesn't mean you cant start to....Diet is important but really cant see the 2 big tubs of choc ice=cream being an issue unless you have this for dinner every night!;)

take care

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Here are some factors that may come into play in your recent breakout:

Stress - are you stressing out about the breakout? Stress can cause you to break out more!

Using too many products in conjunction with one another - Your skin may be irritated because of all the products you're using.

Using products too often - I see this a lot in people struggling with acne. They use their facewash too often or put BP on spots every few hours, hoping it will get rid of the breakout faster. Stick to washing once in the morning and once before bed, with spot treatments 1-3 times a day as needed.

Hormones - you mentioned you were menstruating. My typical period breakouts are very large and red, like you described.

Don't cry! Everything will be alright.

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Thank you so much! I guess I'll stop worrying about it so much.

This was my first time posting here. You guys are really nice and helpful :) Thanks again!

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Just because products are for acne, doesnt mean it will always help. Your new cleanser and stuff can have ingredients that your skin does not like.

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