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B5 Patches - Another Esthetic Md's Advice

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Well these are pretty awesome.

Another poster asked me to elaborate on my facial injector (Kim K. also sees him and she has the smoothest face in the world) MD's recommendation for acne.

1.) He agreed with my TCM doc on NO DAIRY NO CITRUS

2) Neutrogena salicylic pads- 4x a day, making it an 8% application

3.) Antioxidant NAC- he prescribes this for his Coolaser patients for healing

4) B5 patches- resolved my last dry spots overnight- people, I'm 100% clear. (I had cheated on my vegan diet and had a minor breakout last week, all gone today.)

Also, Botox itself - by blocking nerves in the face, it actually helps acne.... if you don't use scrubs, cleansers, lotions on it and absolutely don't wear makeup for 48hrs since it's going to penetrate the needle holes and cause acne.

He said that apart from that little problem area on my chin, I had really good skin and that though it's rare to see resistant breakouts in your thirties unless you're under severe stress, I was doing all the right things with diet and nutrition and peels.

Good luck everyone!

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