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Yellow Scab! Is It Healling?

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Hi everyone. I've suffered acne for more than 8 years. I guess I have skin picking problem because when I see or use my hand and feel like there is a pimple, minor bump on my face I try to pick at it (scratch with my finger nail to flatten it down)! I tried to keep my hands busy but it didn't work.

The picture below is a yellow scab (I guess). On monday I saw a small bump on my cheek and start picking at it. After a while I used hydrogen peroxide (worst mistake ever) to clean the bump (obviously at this point it's a small wound now) and some how the wound spread out and my the skin around the wound got really hard (I don't know how to explain it I'm sorry my english is nit that good but what i mean is you can feel the skin harden) and the skin surface on the wound got really white (even after I wiped the hydrogen peroxide off). Well you probably guess now the small wound got bigger and about the size of an eraser on the pencil :((( I gave it a few days to form a scab! It was ozzing out yellow liquid! And now it's look like the picture I took! (I'm sorry my face full of acne scarring) I feel awful... Do you think it's healling? When I wash my face the scab kinda soften a little... How long do you think it gonna take for this to heal??? :(((( please help me...

P/S: I'm sorry for my horrible english

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there is no picture. and it sounds more like impetigo then a scab. go to your pharmacist and ask how to treat it. its very contagious

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