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Cold/flu Symptoms While On Accutane?

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Howdy folks,

I'm three months in to a six-month course of Amnesteem, 40mg a day, likely a bump up to 60mg for the last two months of my course.

Up until about a week and a half ago, I was feeling great. Skin cleared at week 8, and my side effects have been tolerable: chapped lips, red itchy eyes, increased hair shedding. That's about it.

Woke up last Wednesday and felt like I was getting a cold. By midday, I was achy, chilled, shaky, and stuffy. Stayed in bed rest of the day, slept late, and woke up feeling a little better. By Friday I felt perfectly fine. Until today, when the symptoms started all over again, with the addition of a scratchy throat.

I haven't been sick in over 10 years. Not exaggerating, I just don't get colds or the flu. I've done some research and see that cold symptoms can be a side effect, but I'm wondering if this is serious?

Anyone else experience this kind of roller coaster flu/cold like symptoms? Feeling crummy for a couple days, then better, then crummy again? I'm not sure I can tolerate this for another three months.

Thanks for your input.

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I felt like this for most of the course from week 9. No sore throat though but croaky achy on and off, stuffy nose which sounded blocked when I talk, runny nose, runny stingy cold type eyes. When I sat back though I didn't actually feel poorly just the symptoms were causing me to think I was. I've been liking it more to having constant bad hayfever which I don't get, anti-histamines brought me some relief. I'm a week off tomorrow and still feeling it.


Ps I don't think it's serious. x

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Yes, that's it exactly! More like allergies/hayfever, which I don't get either. Hmmm . . . maybe I'll try some Benadryl.

Thanks so much for your response, I was beginning to think it was in my head or that I should be concerned.

I feel better. Well, at least about feeling crummy

You just finished up with your fourth course, if I remember correctly?

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