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Giant, Non Painful Cyst?

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Hi all,

So after 3ish years of acne I think I have finally gotten it under control. Last 6 months have been hell, had moderate to light severe acne on my chin and sides of face. I've managed to get rid of most of it through diet and lifestyle changes, but have now been using adapalene for about a week. That seems to be going fine. I am now left with two healing cysts, three healing pimples and a bunch of hyper pigmentation.

And this crazy cyst that popped up. So about three days ago, it started for,in and I was like oh boy here comes more. Except this wasn't the normal cysts I was used to getting. It's down on my neck, and the white head that emerged from it was very small compared to the other ones that tend to be huge pus filled things that refill after each time I pop/drain them (they're the only ones I pick, you literally can't walk around with Giant yellow pus filled things). But the weirdest thing is that it's not painful. All my other cysts hurt like hell and make it painful to eat, smile, etc and have me depressed. This one literally doesn't hurt at all, if anything it itches. But it's like, just this huge giant ball sticking out of my neck. It's slightly inflamed, but nowhere near as inflamed as the painful cysts I get.

Anyone ever had a similar experience or have any clue as to what this is??? O_O

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Sorry man, but this has never happened to me, I would get that checked out...itching acne, lol not normal...Hahahah atleast for me. Good luck hope it goes away..sorry but I can't help u. I would go to the dermatologist if I where u.

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