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Please Try This Regimen I'm On, And See If It Will Work For You.

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Hey guys,

Like many of you I've had acne since I was a teen. Even a little before. It got so bad that now i am left with cheeks full of hyper pigmentation (red marks)

Recently, I've been doing some research and introspection. I was continually saying to myself (jeez I eat better than 80% of the people on this planet yet my acne is worse than 80% of the people on this planet!!"

And so I decided that since I'm putting whole foods into my body, no chemicals, artificial shit or whatever else is inside of this "food" nowadays, why am I putting chemicals on my face?

Face washes we buy from the store, any kinds of soap we wash our face with strips the face of it's natural oils. Then, the skin makes more oils to compensate, and it overproduces causing acne.

(I currently only have one pimple using this regimen, and no new pimples have come)

Use RAW honey as a facewash. Ten minutes before you get into the shower wet your fingers and apply to face, leave on for ten minutes and wash off in shower. Honey cleanses the face without stripping your face of it's wonderful oils!

(I also use raw honey to wash my hair)

After a shower, I take RAW AND ORGANIC apple cider vinegar, 1:1 with water. I take a Cotten ball and I apply to my face, chest and shoulders. (My chest is almost completely clear after 4 days!!)

And that's simply it for my washing routine. The apple cider vinegar helps your existing acne, while reducing hyper pigmentation and also returning your skin to it's natural ph balance.

(In 400 BC Hippocrates said apple cider vinegar was his elixir, and prescribed his patients with it and honey for many ailments.)

Now, if you have problems with scarring and hyper pigmentation, I suggest adding this to your routine:

Mornings: take an organic lemon, and get all of the juice into a glass bottle. Keep this juice in the fridge and when you wake up apply lemon juice on your scars. Leave on for twenty minutes, rinse off then continue with honey face wash.

(I also take 1/2 and 1/4 teaspoon of organic raw red maca powder in the mornings, moving up to two teaspoons VERY slowly) maca helps with hormone balance and a myriad of other things, research it!)

Nights: take another organic lemon and squeeze it's juice into a different glass jar. Take an organic potato (russet/brown) skin it and grate it into a bowl. Pour the grated potato into something that will hold the potato pieces but allow juice to fall through (forgot the name). Squeeze the juice of the potato into a bowl and mix the juice with the lemon. At night before your honey wash apply this mixture the same way as the morning.

I know some of us are really connected to our face products but these products are most likely doing more harm than good, try the all natural method and see how it can help you!

Also, thoughts play a big role in what we look like (ever read Dorian grey?) have happy, good intentions and stray away from things that make you feel guilty or things that you know in your heart aren't righteous, it shows, I promise.

Please if you decide to do this method let me know how it works!

Peace and love.

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