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Is Exfoliating A Good Idea On Acne.org

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It is possible to exfoliate while on acne.org the regimen during the first weeks. My face is so flakey and embarrassing I don't know what to do. It's making my face look dirty and spotty haha. Is there anyway to take off the dead skin without irritating your face?

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If your face is getting overly dry, try putting on the creams every other day.

Dry skin irrates acne and only makes it worse, you must keep care of your skin before you treat it.

I have very sensitive skin and realized that I could not use products on my face, so I switched to eating healthy (low sugar, no dairy, no gluten), drinking plenty of water (at least 8 cups a day), and gently washing my face twice a day with a light moisturizer.

Acne sucks! But just remember that if you keep care of your body and skin, then the acne will go away on its own because your body can heal itself!

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I would highly advise not to use an exfoliate/scrub on the regimen, esp in the beginning. Have you tried adding jojoba oil to combat the dryness?
Also, as Trevor12 said - if you're getting really dry skip mornings or days until your face gets more used to the routine.

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@trevor12 I believe I am in good health I don't like cows milk and I am vegetarian & drink water all day. Before the regimen I was using natural and organic products on my face like ACV and organic soaps but wasn't working, my skin must be sensitive, now instead of putting the BP all over my face all the time, I use it on the areas I break out in. Ugh we'll see what happens

@geeking I'm on my 10th week of the regimen and recently I exfoliated not with an additional scrub or soap but with a baby brush with soft bristles I used it gently to remove the flaking and dead skin. I had to. And I recently got Jojoba oil before I was using coconut oil. And after those two time of using the brush my skin hasn't been much of a flake haha. But still having the appearance of acne I guess I will give it another couple weeks or so..

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Scrubs are potentially irritating for acne prone skin. However, you can use a chemical exfoliant like aha or bha.

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