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Do Any Of These Foods Cause Acne?

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I have moderate to severe acne. I have calmed it down at times by eating very strictly.

Morning and night i eat the same thing.

Brown Rice

Steamed Salmon or Steamed Chicken Breast

Steamed Broccoli or Steamed Bok Choy also known as Chinese Cabbage

I also eat blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries as well because i read these are good fruits.

I basically avoid a lot of foods because i know for a fact certain foods cause acne for me, the main ones that cause for most people. So i definitely avoid dairy products as well.

There are some foods however that i'm not 100 percent sure if it causes acne or not and would like your opinion on it.

1. Raspberry- I read online its good for acne. However... isn't there lot of sugar in it compared to blueberry, strawberry or blackberry? I know the other berrys are good for you.

2. Almond Milk- I don't drink milk because its a dairy product. One food i definitely dont eat is cheese because i know 100 percent that causes acne for me. However, i read about almond milk as an alternative to milk. I assume that still causes acne but its basically a healthier milk?

3. Gluten Free Bread/ Pasta /Granola Bars- I don't eat bread much anymore unless i have to because i read bread causes acne and i notice it has an affect on me. However, what about gluten free bread? I ate gluten bread few times... and it tastes great. Im not sure why it taste so good compared to regular bread... maybe i bought a good brand of gluten free bread? Has anyone ate gluten free bread and notice it doesn't cause acne for them?

I used to love to eat pasta especially those heart healthy pasta and the tri color vegetable pasta when i didn't have acne. However, i dont want to take a chance again but from the few times i did eat pasta when my acne was moderate-severe, it didn't seem to have that big of an effect. However, i notice there are gluten free pasta. So would that be okay? Also would you say tri color vegetable pasta is better or worst than regular pasta?

I love granola bars. Back then i would eat the honey oat ones and it was great. However, i know for sure the nature valley honey oat granola bars does cause acne for me because its very sugary. I also tried the kelloggs cereal bars thats apple pie or blueberry and i believe it causes acne for me. But would about those gluten free granola bars? I see theres a brand called glutino that has blueberry, apple pie and strawberry granola bars, of course they cost much more than the regular ones. Would eating these be fine or its basically just the same as regular granola bars?

What about raisin bread? I love raisin bread but of course have stopped it.

4. Canned sardines/tuna- I had thought sardines are good for you but majority of sardines are going to be canned and going to have lot of salt. I believe canned tuna has lot of mercury? Well the thing is aren't canned saridines very bad for you b/c its in a can and thus has lot of salt and other things? I also want to mention that i bought quite a bit of canned sardines last time and they were in water and thus i avoided canned sardines in any type of oil. I ate canned sardines with regular bread for few days during the week... i think i ate 2-3 cans a day with like 10 pieces of bread for the day.... i broke out very very badly. Could that be because of how much canned sardines i ate in that short time period? Or could it been the bread as i know bread causes acne for me? Because my face broke out a lot when i ate canned sardines for few days straight.

5. Papaya/Watermelon- I love eating these and last time i bought papaya and it taste great. However, is papaya good or bad for acne? What about watermelon? I dont mind not eating watermelon but papaya taste very good. I like to eat it as an alternative to blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry

6. Chicken Leg or Drumsticks- I know these are dark meat as oppose to white meat like chicken breast. Of course it taste much better. Last time i ate chicken leg and it taste good but my acne seemed to got worst but it didn't get worst like canned sardines or cheese. I always steam it. Does that mean its fine to eat it?

7. Deli Meats- Are all deli meats basically bad? I use to like buying roast beef or turkey because sometimes i didnt want to eat chicken breast. But i read these aren't good. Is it because its the sodium? Is turkey bought from the deli where they cut it for you and the turkey in those packages basically the same or is one better or worst than the other? I always felt that the turkey in the package wouldn't cause that much acne compared to the other ones. Is that true or not? What about ham? I read ham is pork so its not good? What about black forest ham? I tasted it a while back and its great but is it bad for acne? I ate it for few days a while back and noticed it did seem to make my acne worst.

8. Steak- I assume this is never good because it is a red meat? I haven't ate steak in a while.

9. Oatmeal- I read if its instant oatmeal its not good. BUt if its regular oatmeal, its great for acne? Can someone tell me which is the regular oatmeal? I use to eat quaker oats back when i was little and loved it. I certainly wouldn't mind eating it for breakfast as it take me 1 hour to cook in morning and at night. Can someone give me link to which is the oatmeal that is good for acne?

10. Cereal- I know cereal isn't good in general for acne. Also most ppl eat cereal with milk which is something i can't do now. But are there cereal that is good for acne? If so, is it gluten free? I see theres quite a bit of those nature's path granola cereal or flaxseed cereal. Would eating those be bad for acne if eating it just like that or with water?

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swap out oatmeal for quinoa. Cook a large batch of quinoa beginning of week and store in fridge. Can be heated up in microwave to serve with veggies and sweet potatos. or as a breakfast which i eat every morning. Take some quinoa into a bowl, add some almond milk so its not soupy, but ... you get the point. Pop it into the microwave cook for 35 to 45 seconds, take out and add cinnamon. pop back in mocrowave and cook again- at this point watch it because it may start inflating. After your done it should be not watery... but not dry. Cut a pear into it ( a ripe pear should be squishy) throw in pumpkin seeds, chopped almonds, sunflower seeds or whatever nut you want. Throw in Chia seeds. Add a scoop of almond butter (i use this), peanut butter, or jam to it. Drizzle on some honey....... honestly the most filling breakfast ever. i actually look up to eatting it everyday.

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Hi Justin,

Based on your post I fear that in trying to heal your acne through diet alone you're close to developing an eating disorder. You should NOT have to think so hard about what you eat. Food can play a part in your skin, yes, but rarely is it the only factor. Some general guidelines:

There is NO single food that will cause or cure acne. Period. The only reason any one food would cause your acne is if you have an allergy or sensitivity to that food, so it is a very individual thing. Stop reading anything online about other people healing their skin through specific foods. This is pointless and for you I fear it is damaging.

Many people are sensitive to dairy and wheat, yes - which is why those have become big culprits, but even those aren't sure things. For example, I can tolerate moderate amounts of dairy just fine. If I eat a lot of it within a short time frame, then yes, I will have some breakouts. The same goes for me and wheat.

It is usually overall diet that contributes to acne - not individual foods. One that is high in sugar, or leads to digestive problems, or spikes blood sugar, etc.

What you describe as what you eat on a regular basis is not a healthy diet. I don't really see any fats in there. Good fats are essential for optimal skin health. This also looks very carb heavy (grains as well as fruits and vegetables are carbohydrate sources). While I do not advocate any one diet, many people with acne see some results on a *lower* carb diet (note - I do NOT mean low carb or no carb, just *lower* carb.) This means you should eat more proteins and fats.

Honestly, I really recommend that you see a nutritionist to help with your diet.

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Honestly, only YOU can tell. I can eat oatmeal, wheat, carrots, apples, but any of these foods nay cause your acne. You will have to do tests to see what foods you react to. You can go off of other peiple's diets, but that won't do you any good without any knowlege on why you are reacting to certain foods.

The foods I can eat eithout breaking out contain a lot of fiber. I have chronic constipation. I still can't eat soy, even though it contains a crap load of fiber, but most other fiber rich foods are okay. If you had problems with your shit, fiber might be something your body wants, but you wont know for certain until you test each and every food. You can get lab tests for food sensitivities or intolerances, or you can try to self tedt at home which is easy if you know what to look for.

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