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Fig Fruit Rubbed On The Skin

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Giving banana peel spot treatment and yogurt face wash a run for their money...

"Fig fruits are great for our skin since they are abundant with anti-oxidants. The phenols as well as flavonoids are classified as the two ingredients of anti-oxidants generously present in figs. They offer outstanding anti-aging outcomes.

Whenever baked figs are applied to the skin, it may reduce many forms of skin inflammations just like boil and abscess. Additionally, it has got anti septic as well as emollient qualities, which makes it a fantastic home treatment for skin care. As fresh figs have a very good quantity of water within it, they are able to function as a good skin cleanser. On use of fresh mashed figs, it may heal skin troubles just like acne and also pimples. The juice of fresh figs cure ingrown toenails"

I am doing it right now - the pulp and seeds just stick, but they aren't sticky. I can't tell it's on my face.

-from HealthBenefit Times

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