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I've Had Acne Since I Was 1.5 Yrs Old, I'm 50 Now And I Still Have Acne.

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i've had acne since i was 1.5yrs old..i've used everything i could think of..my parents pushed me to use accutane when i was in my mid 20's..it was hell. i was forced to endure 40mg of doses per day for 6 months then the family doctor pushed me up to 80mg for another year. i couldn't handle the side effects at a few points..my skin was on fire all the time. i had to put mothballs in my room just to get some sleep(it kinda numbed my skin from the smell), after a while my parents let me stop when they realized i was snapping back at them and it seemed to not effective as much as they hoped it would be. it still had no lasting effect. in my 30's i went to a dermatolgist clinic, would u believe they asked me for advise on the subject of acne. i experimented with everything then. i mentioned to them ii was researching salicylic compounds cause i know the skin cells had walls made of silcon molecules. only thing i could get my hands on at the time was type-a salicytic acid(aspirin). few yrs later type-b salicytic acid came out, i tried that(i think mentioning my research idea to the derms must of gave them the idea too), i tried it a few times..i still use it in my derma scrub(use ponds scrub now). few yrs later my mom had to be in the hospital..and they mentioned it on her chart she had a yeast infection at the time...and it seemed she had it durring my birth as well...also i was both formula and breast fed at the time. i believe there is a correlation between some infections like a yeast infection and acne. but at the time i couldn't find any oral treatments for yeast infections..only topical or vaginal stuff. i heard theres an oral medication now for it..but i don't know if i can get it without a prescription or not.

from what i observed over the decades and did some alternative research on other subjects hoping to get a link between yeast infections and other problems besides acne. this is what i came to the conclusion of - acne is your body trying to purge thru your skin stuff that is clogging up your blood flow..some foods or stressful times(it increases heart rate), it most likely will go thru your skin like an aneurysm if it can't dispose of it other ways(clumps are normally too big for urine based or digestive tract paths of exit, and definately not able to be breathed out thru the lungs). in some cases it can be pushed into the digestive tract but normally shows up as polyps( they say they're extra flaps of skin but why would they be white roundish growths instead of blood filled skin peices like the rest of intestinal walls look like). if not purged by the body the infection can sit in the blood flow paths and create blockages like heart disease(for decades it was believed it was choresterol, but it was only part of the problem, somebody figured out it was plaque formation of an infection). also if u noticed if you had any dental problems while having acne around face and lips...it's also a form of yeast infection(i still have dental problems to this day). adding listerine to a cup of water(kinda like spiking my drink with it) and sipping it while watching tv or a movie seems to reduce my acne in the face area for a while(i can't do it every day cause it can give me the runs). so in my opinion..acne isn't a surface infection, it's a surface eruption of an infection from inside the body. if your body can't get rid of the problem, it will shove it somewhere else like giving u a cancer like lump somewhere(they call them calcium lumps). i had a cyst removed from under my left knee cap when i was 21, it looked like a lump too..it was pus filled bag of flesh that expanded in the normal air pressure jar of saline water they put it in over at the va medical center...i think they took pics of it expanding.

another note - if your child has acne, do not i repeat do not give him yeast tablets, i don't care if they're irradiated or not..it will worsen the acne (my mom had me take them when i was younger to "boost" my activities cause i seemed too restless to them), any type of yeast in it's pure form is basically food for medium to severe acne.

currently experimenting with choco based mud mask...with some aspirin mixed in...seems to work a bit

it's baking choco(pure choco, no sugar or additives) mixed with 1-2 crushed aspirin, i either mix distilled water into it or listerine original formula..tried it a few times after the scub..seems to reduce the acne around the face at least..i have yet to try it on the other parts of my body. from what i can tell..aspirin opens the pore up(it's salyltic acid remember) the choco grabs the pus(choco bonds to anything with calicum in it) and pulls it out..the listerine helps to kill of the infection in the process.


btw, i have had white heads, black heads, pimples, cysts and just plugs that don't even inflame anymore..just form bumps i can pop out any time i feel an itch

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