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Any Medicine That Cures 100% But Does Not Give Intial Breakouts?

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okay i have odered witch hazel but you know it does not clean acne! :(

i am looking for medicine that does 100% clean it and does not give breakouts cause i have important work in 3 months help! :)

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It doesn't exist and it won't exist because acne is a big business.

And if it does exist at some time,it will be incredibly exclusive and only available for rich people. That's a fact.

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^agreed pretty much all medicine for acne causes initial breakouts or something along that lines but once that is over you really see a change in your skin so it's worth it.

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ppl need to make a new system of how to pay for curing a disease? i dnt hv fuking patience for this crap, we could just all start a riot 1 day nd just stop buying ny meds for acne at all just as well (nt tht it would make diff to ur acne nyway haa) would tht b effective?

bt rly im so done with this shit, y couldnt there b system where everythings effective nd working n then whoever cures n fixes u, u would kinda pay them for certain period of time every month or every other or 3rd month (hell id even keep paying for all my life but just price gotta b reasonable yknow, i just need my face so i cn earn smth at all k??? i cant buy countless products anyway??)

ny y would i hv to work hard to earn cash to finally by smth n then bam it doesnt works!

um nope these things just wont go through with me at all...IT HAS TO 100% WORK or im nt buying no shit at all!

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Have you tried Proactiv? I don't remember getting any kind of breakout starting that- any of the times I started it! Pretty dependable stuff, in my personal experiences and my best friend's. Long time users.

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I don't believe the whole initial breakout theory. If you are breaking out because of something you are doing stop doing it. Your skin does not have to get worse before it gets better.

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