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Help. I'm At A Loss With My Hormonal Acne

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Ok, during the past 18 months i have undergone the following tests on the NHS in the UK (no easy task, let me tell you), all to have returned negative and normal results :

Hormonal blood panel - all normal range

Internal and external transvaginal ultrasound scans for PCOS - negative. I have no cysts,scarring,endometriosis or cancer, all clear and normal.

Lupus - ANA ( borderline). Full panel - normal range. no Lupus.

vitamin D - no deficiency

Caeliac disease - negative

Thyroid - normal for both over and under active

Diabetes - negative

I also now have a regular 3 month appointment with an NHS dermatologist and have been 4 times in the past 12 months. I have been using zineryt for 12 months and 3 weeks ago was rotated onto Azelaic Acid. The zineryt helped keep the acne under control. Nothing has fully cleared the acne. Now i'm having another bad break out, usually my acne is neck, chin, upper lip , cheeks and sometimes forehead.

It is random and does not follow any monthly cycle related to my period.

I also spent 12 months cutting out all dairy, refined sugar, pastry, cake, chocolate and processed food. I went down to 6 stone 8 Pounds and had to begin to eat some food other than veg and fruit in order not to become seriously ill.

I am 42 years old and i am no further forward than i was 18 months ago.

Any body have any further / other ideas because i'm at a loss.

Thanks :)

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Hi meia,

I too suffer from hormonal breakouts, even with my extremely clean diet. (gluten, dairy free as I have intolerances to both, extremely limited refined sugar intake, zero processed foods* save for a few pieces of gluten free bread every few weeks, no beef, as my stomach can't handle it for some reason)

To start, I began seeing a naturopath last month (for overall health) and told her about my breakouts; her recommendation was 200 mg of B6 two weeks before my cycle.
I've been researching the use of B6 for hormonal acne, but really didn't find any studies that tempted me to want to try that high of a dose..Sort of tentative on this subject.

With that said, I have been doing loads of research (hours & hours) on any studies concerning hormonal acne treatment.

And I stumbled upon some interesting information about Zinc & B6 used in conjunction as a supplement.

Have you done any research on Zinc and hormonal acne?

Specifically Zinc monomethionine.

This form of zinc is more bioavailable for your body to manufacture and absorb.

Zinc is a vital factor in the proper function of our hormones, which until recently, I was unaware of.

(**so, while I unfortunately do not have a success story for you yet, I have high hopes & will update with positive or negative progress)

[Removed] <--The kind I purchased.

Can't hurt to check it out!

And like I said, I will update on the progress. (going to wait at least 3 weeks to give it a fair go)

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but if this is something you haven't looked into, I would suggest you do a bit of reading and form your own opinion.

I sincerely wish you luck in your search for the elusive 'cure'.


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Hi soozin12,

Thanks for reply.

Interesting you talk about zinc, as the topical Zineryt i have been using is 12 mg zinc and with the exception of BP ( which i can no longer use, too harsh) is the only main stay topical that has made a dent in the acne.

I also spent most of last yr doing research / undergoing various tests and did look into the possibility of zinc as a supplement, but ended up just taking a vegan mulit vit. (15mg Zinc)

I do know that zinc is good for healing and the immune system, but concern about taking over the RDA, has always prevented me from taking a supplement such as opti zinc.

It can raise testosterone and i've also read it can contribute to copper and iron deficiency ( i am already slightly anaemic)

What are your thoughts on this ?

I managed to get an emergency derm app for Tuesday ( miracle on the NHS) so i will ask him what he thinks about the Zinc supplements.

I have checked out your link and opti zinc is available in the UK so please keep me updated on your progress.

I wish you luck too :)


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Any one else have any advice / info ??? X


Sorry for responding late...I've been MIA :/

What did the doctors say? Any photos of what the acne looks like? Maybe that will help diagnose what type of acne it is, and if it's even acne (it could be folliculitis or welts, for instance)

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Hey , Wishclean,

I've sent you a PM. I've been missing from here for about 12 months too but it is good to catch up with you. :)

Details in PM . X

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I'm at a loss myself, I have just about always had acne but Tue last two years it turned cystic. I have heard amazing things about maca powder and am going to try that since its supposed to naturally fix hormones. Wish me luck!

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Hello guys I have suffered from Acne all my life. Was hoping to grow out of it but after lots of research and testing I took matters in my own hand. Below is what I do to stay clear:

  • No dairy or sugar. I sweeten things with honey, fructose, xylitol or maple syrup.

  • Eat lots of wholegrain, seeds & nuts, pulses, vegetables, lean protein

  • Drink green tea and plenty of water. I have a coffee in the morning to get me going.

  • Cleanse every night with a muslin cloth and water (any gentle cleanser would be fine, keep it simple) and follow up with pure chimp super one.

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week

Good luck and here’s to clear skin

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I'm at a loss myself, I have just about always had acne but Tue last two years it turned cystic. I have heard amazing things about maca powder and am going to try that since its supposed to naturally fix hormones. Wish me luck!

Not to discourage you but I recently tried maca last month and after taking only 3 pills I broke out in a cluster of the most swollen, painful cysts ever! UGH it took over 2 weeks to clear it up. In theory it should clear up hormonal acne but anything that gives me THAT intense of a reaction I'm gonna stop immediately. So just a warning.

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Just an update ; after 18 months, i finally got my Gynaecology app. (UK so NHS). I was basically refused spiro and was made to feel like i was wasting the clinics time. The only offer of medication i was given, was HRT. Not only was i informed that i was not in the menopause but also that it couldn't even be confirmed that i was in peri menopause. If thats the case then i am not undertaking HRT treatment. I know that it could make the acne worse , amongst other things. The Gynaecologist was very dismissive about my acne and didn't even want me to discuss with him the changes I've had to my cycle over the past 18 months, with which the acne has suddenly appeared.

I will now be looking at a saliva test and going back to the naturopath. More money, more stress but i think for me, a more natural approach is the only answer. Hay ho...and so the journey continues....

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