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Adapalene 0.3 Gel Causing Severe Acne? :(

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Hello everyone,

I am just so heart-broken right now because of my severe acne. I used to have moderate acne which suddenly got worse. My derm prescribed Adapalene 0.3 gel for me around 3-4 weeks ago, and since then, my acne got dramatically worse. It's just so severe that I feel like I start to develop anxiety now.

What do you think? Do I just have a horrible initial breakout or is this a severe reaction to the gel? :((

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Make a derm appt if you feel your skin is reacting very badly to the medication. It's standard to give your skin at least 3 months on a new treatment before deciding whether or not you should keep up with it or ditch it for something new. I am unsure if you can have an IB with a cream, I thought it was only with oral medication, hopefully someone else can answer this.

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It is quite possible to break out badly with a retinoid within the first 3 months. If it is getting bad, maybe your derm can prescribe an antibiotic.

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Overall, Adapalene made my acne way worse in the 9 months I was on it. Now I'm on Accutane. If it's really bad, don't make the mistake I made - go get Accutane again if you think it'll help.

Thank you for sharing your experience w/ me. I was on Accutane for 2 weeks, but I suddenly started to have anxiety. That's why I stopped the treatment and got prescribed Adapalene instead. I don't know whether it's a good idea to retry Accutane again. I'll ask my derm on Monday.

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For some odd reason Differin made my skin x10 worse and permanently super oily,even after quitting it.

It is one of the reasons of why i went on accutane.

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