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So Much Weird Clogged Pores/bumps... :(

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I'm a newbie here so I'm sorry if I'm not in the right category for this post... And I usually speak French so sorry for language mistakes!

So since 3 months I've started to get a lot of clogged pores out of nowhere on my forehead. I'm attaching 2 pictures to show you what it looked like...



As you can see, they form weird lines on my forehead... Each time they disappear, they form new lines/forms at an another place on my forehead. Right now, it looks just like this:


Again, they are forming clusters in strange lines...

Aside from this, salicylic acid made it WORST... I must say that they started to appear as soon as I loose my tan, but I want to precise I want on antibiotics because of chirurgical intervention for my teeth.

So I presumed it was maybe fungal and I've started to use Nizoral since yesterday morning, 2 times a day and leaving it for 3-5 mins. At first, when I rince it and dry it, the bumps SHRINK a lot!!!! But after few hours, they go back to normal... What does that means???

Thank you for your help...


These are the products I use for the rest of my face (don't have any acne there...)

- Avene Cleanance Gel (morning & night)

- La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluid

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So I've seen my doctor and she told me that it doesn't look fungal.. And I think she's right because Nizoral made things much more worse!!! :(

So she suggested me to try Glycolic Acid (I'm allergic to SA...) to see... Because I need to say that I just wash my face and don't do really much exfoliation :/

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Ok, so now it's been exactly 3 weeks since I've started GA 8% each night on my forehead... And there are results!!!!

The first week, I got a little bit clearer, but the second week was horrible!!!! Lot of new clogged pores and small pimples.

But after one week, they all went away and I still have the ''old ones'' but they have started to shrink and having small ''blackhead'' in them!! Which means the pore got unclogged (because oxygen makes it black).

GA also gave me a more smooth skin, I can't wait to have the full results :) Patience is the key...

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Hi sakurina !

I am in the same situation !! Thanks for the info!

Could you please give us and update? How is your forehead looking now?


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