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He's My Story, Help Me If You Can.

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So I decided to sign up on acne forums because I've given up on searching and trying other peoples advice. I want a straight forward answer as well. I will timeline my acne battle below

Age: 13

I begin to have small yellow heads and black heads appearing...

Age: 14

It starts getting worse and I begin getting small cysts, at this point I take it as puberty kicking in...

Age: 15

Probably my WORST period of my life. Seriously. I also had my holiday in Europe and I was on accutane for a few weeks but due to my busy holiday nothing was working because I didn't take my pills at a stable time frame and it wasn't working well.

I got massive cysts and annoying red lumpy things that itched. My face was dried skin and pimples, It was horrible, painful and disgusting.

Age: 16 Before I turned 16 and after Europe, my pimples began to die down due to cream I used in Europe. It ran out and I was back in Australia and they didn't sell that cream. Since then I've been getting periods with loads of pimples popping up and then going away. Currently I have red lumps that are ready to turn into yellow heads. They itch and hurt. Extremely annoying...

I don't know if it's hormonal or my diet? Most doctors said my diet doesn't have anything to do with it. I'm sick of this acne and I'm considering going to accutane but I REALLY don't want to.. My face seems to get worse...

I wash my face every morning and clean it, recently for the past 2 months I've given up on Pro Active and all that other junk that wants my money.

Could it be puberty? I just want a clear face like all my friends to be more confident, even my parents give me flack and are kinda embarrassed.

Some pimples I get:

- Red lumpy things sometimes turning into yellow head

- Itchy acne

- Blackheads


- Cheeks

- Chin

- Nose and around nose

- Recently around my temple region

Lastly, I have this kinda lump and its been on my cheek for 1 year now and its very small but noticeable on my face in the light... It's the same color as my skin... any ideas?

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You know, my dermatologist told me that i'll always get pimples at my age, and we have nothing to do but prevent it - she said that one of the top reasons will always be our hormones (since we're teens) and, oilyness. .

So apparently, we would always be getting pimples until we're in our 20s.. and that's when it will eliminate (something to do with smaller pores.. i forgot im so sorry)

But this might work for you or it might not - one thing I learned is to never overused products.

So I basically have oily skin - and believe me, just like you.. i also have tried everything!! From acne cleansers and advertised products - one doesnt seem to work. So i went to a derma and she gave me a lot of stuff.. and it worked at first - but the products were too harsh on my face so it got irritated, thus producing more pimples.

I went for a second opinion, and she immediately told me to stop using all those products and replaced it with a mild baby soap and a spot treatment for my breakouts.

An oily environment is what pimples like best - but instead of washing twice a day, i wash thrice a day during weekends - i know they said it just strips off the natural oil and produce more oil, but its been working for me for the last 5 months... i have less spots and breakouts (i still get some small ones during pms)

So bottomline, maybe you can go for mild cleansers, and don't be embarrassed - i know it may seem a hard thing to do, but please, be confident just the way you are. You are an amazing beautiful creature, no matter what other people say. :)

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