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Occult Medicine

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Good night.

I've started suffering with oily skin and face acne when I was 12 years old and with back acne with 14 years old. I cured my face easily with weekly peelings. But the main problem was back acne, and with 17 years old I stared oral isotretinoin. One year with Orotrex 20 mg was enough to destroy my hair and my performance at High School. With 19 years old back acne was back again, even worse than before, and my face was shinning with a lot of sebum. I tried Orotrex again (10 mg), skin improved but one year later I was not cured.

With 20 years old I started Medical College. I had a teacher (Anatomical Pathology) who told us that acne is a disease that results from an interaction between our western lifestyle, climate and genes, and that we shouldn't drink milk or eat foods with sugar and fructose. I did it: no more milk or sugar. Gradually my skin improved, but it took time. Some months later, my skin was not so oily. But back acne was still there. So a teacher (Dermatology) told me to try salicylic acid peelings (10%) on my shoulders, arms and back at least twice per week, and topical tretinoin peelings once per week. In fact after a few months later I was almost cured but then I stopped and acne was back... again.

When I was studying History of Medicine I have become interested in Occult Medicine, Astrology or Esoteric knowledge. I read Paracelsus, Manly Hall or Max Heindel. I discovered that according to this kind of knowledge, our body is made of 4 elements, I mean, 4 types of energy. People with acne tend to have an excess of Earth and Water. I made my astral card and I discovered that I was born with more or less 40% of Water, 40% of Earth and almost no Fire.

People with a lot of Earth tend to be lazy, overweight and to have oily skin. Water closes skin pores, and the lack of Fire avoids a good circulation. How to solve this problem? Then I discovered that foods have alchemical properties.

Foods with Earth: bread, almonds, deserts, rice, potatoes

Foods with Water: milk, soup, oils, olive oil, nuts, butter

Foods with Fire: cinnamon, garlic, onions

Foods with Air: beans, sprouts, honey, many vegetables (most of them)

Well, my family has a bakery. I eat bread 3 or 4 times per day. Moreover my parents add a lot of olive oil for everything. Flavor tells us a lot about alchemical properties and those that have this disease should avoid sweet foods and eat a lot of bitter foods, like raw green leaf vegetables.

No more bread on my diet has made miracles and my skin improved a lot. Maybe gluten was the problem, I don't know. Exercise and saunas are giving some help. I apply raw onion on my back skin on a daily basis and I'm applying salicylic acid 3 times per week. My back acne is not cured but at least is controlled and month after month the skin looks better and healthier.

As a doctor I can not talk openly about this secret. But give a try to Occult Medicine. Science doesn't explain everything about our true nature.

Post Scriptum

I'm learning about urine therapy. It seems interesting and was popular therapy of Ancient Egypt.

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