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Canadians On Accutane (& Generics) Please Help!

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Hi guys,

Bit of history, sudden onslaught of cystic acne at 21; hit fast and hard (for no apparent reason). Tried the regimen, different 3 step systems (Dennis Gross, Murad, Kate Sommerville). Did the minocycline/ epiduo combo from my derm (nothing!! it got worse).

Now I'm currently on spironolactone and a combo of trentoin/and topical antibiotics (clim...?) dairy and gluten free too. Nothing is really helping :/

I don't have insurance but I've set around $1,300 now for accutane - i've prob spent over $700 on derm visits and lotions and potions already. I live in the U.S but I'm a 30 min drive to Windsor, Ontario (in Canada for my international friends). I have some questions for our neighbors on accutane.

1. Do you have the iPledge program?

2. How many blood tests did you need (I can't afford one every month in the US, especially because I want a smaller dosage/9 month program)

3. How much are the pills (I know all Canadians are insured though :/ )

4. How much are the derm visits? How often do you go?

Technically you cant take over 3 months worth of RX's over the border so I will be there as much for that.

In the US I would need to pay for

6-9 derm visits --$600 at least

6-9 blood tests- ?? because in the US crazy it's prob a stupid price

pregnancy test- don't know how many and price? (still a virgin too ugh )

Cheapest generic- $120 a month * 6-9 months worth

I can afford accutane LESS the ipledge hoops i need to jump through. I don't mind getting an initial blood test, then a month later, 3 months later. I plan on taking 20mg a day and not upping the dosage. I know the risks, side effects... read a ton of clinical trials/medical articles on low-dose etc.

First step is to book a consult with a derm in windsor... hope i hear it's doable

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To answer your questions:

1. We don't have the iPledge program. You just sign something with your derm and that's it.

2. For the first course of Accutane I needed blood tests done every month. Second, every 3 months.

3. Pills are around $60 for 1 month supply of 40mg each.

4. You can't go to a derm unless your family doctor or walk-in clinic doctor refers you to one. (For free)

In Canada we have free healthcare, but drugs are not covered unless you have insurance for that, so drugs are money out of your pocket. Also, you need a health card provided to you to get doctor's appointment for free. Without it, every visit is paid. So I'm not sure how a US citizen can use our healthcare system without buying health insurance coverage when you visit here.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but that's my general understanding of how things work here.

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Also Canadian.

Everything the above poster said is exactly my experience, except that I had to do blood tests every month for my second course as well as my first.

Best of luck.

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Everything that's been said except in my case I didn't have to sign anything with my dermatologist as the first guy said.

also I still need to do monthly blood tests.

and you still need to pay for drugs in Canada- unless you're a child or a senior citizen in which case you get reduced rates

EDIT: The brand Accutane is legal in Canada but BANNED in the US. There's a good chance you'll be given "Accutane" and I don't know if you'll be able to cross over the border with it.

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