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So I have been using proactive since Feb this year, and for me it has worked wonders. I had used it a couple of years ago but for some reason it stopped working and I broke out horribly until I went on the pill. The pill cleared up my acne so much that I could use general cleansers from the supermarket which was great on the wallet. Then I started breaking out terribly again and here I am using proactive again.

I want to start using something more natural, I want to steer clear of benzol peroxide. Has any one had success with Lush or Citrus clear? I want to make sure its worth it before I purchase citrus clear as I live half way around the world so theres shipping etc.

Also how do I go about weaning myself of proactive. Ideally I would love to keep using it because it really works for me but I just don't feel like its good for me to be using Benzol for such a long period of time. Before anyone says its not about what you put onto your skin its what you put into your body etc etc, yes I believe it is true to an extent, but I have always had a healthy lifestyle, junk food and sugar is to the minimum, I am coeliac so a lot of processed foods are off the menu for me. I cannot possibly think of any other ways I would improve my diet under my current situation (poor student) but the way my acne has acted in the past makes me believe it is probably, and unfortunately in my genes :(

Thanks in advanced!!!!

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My daughter uses sulfur instead of BP due to being allergic to BP. It's definitely not as irritating to the skin. It's a Lumiplexion product. A bottle lasts about 4 months. It smells like sulfur, but you get used to it. She masks with a sulfur mask nightly (also Lumiplexion) and uses the sulfur medication. Her skin does very well with it.

For a cleanser versus Proactiv's, I would recommend either Dan's cleanser, Lumiplexion cleanser, or organic black soap from Amazon (the stuff from Ghana). I personally use Proactiv's old deep cleansing wash for my face because I love the smell and exfoliating factor. It does not have BP. It has SA and you can get it pretty cheaply from Amazon for a huge bottle that will last months.

To go with the sulfur medication, you should use a salicylic acid medication during the day. Basically it works the little stuff during the day, and the sulfur the bigger stuff at night. I don't recommend any store brands because they are not strong enough to be effective. Lumiplexion has SA in three strengths that you work up through.

I know I sound like an advertisement for Lumiplexion, but I've used her products for over 20 years. I've deviated from time to time over the years, but I've always come back because there's nothing out there that's affordable and works like her line. You can go to her website and email her about your skin and what you've been doing so far. She will get back to you usually within the day. I always recommend sending a picture or two of your skin so she can actually see what is going on.

Best of luck!

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