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Accutane And Growth..

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I went on a cycle of accutane in 2008 when I was 17 years old.

The protocol was 20mg EOD for 3 months, then 20mg ED for another 3 months, then I stopped.

As far as I can recall I had the pretty standard sides, dry skin, cracked lips, sore joints etc, but nothing too out of the ordinary, however I can't really recall everything fully as 2008 was ages ago.

I am now 23 and I feel as if I never reached my full growth potential. In terms of height, i'm 6'1, so that's not my concern, however in terms of the size of my frame and my bones I believe accutane may have had an affect. My father has much bigger hands and thicker wrists than I do, I have wrists and hands like a female, I don't look like I have high testosterone which is associated strongly with bone density and facial development too.

Is there a chance that accutane at this dosage could have inhibited my natural potential for growth?

Thanks for any answers.

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I honestly believe whether Accutane changed u or not u have to think positively and accept yourself. You can not be exactly like your father , we are all created in our own way and have our own circumstances, food, environments, diseases that develop us. Look at the positives....or u will just make yourself more miserable.

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There is nothing at all to suggest accutane affects growth. Genetics ultimately determine your structure and frame. Just because your father is your father, doesn't mean you will have all the traits he has. If his wrists are thicker, he likely has a greater propensity to gain mass and is probably a mesomorph or endomorph. In terms of "thicker" wrists, hit the gym and start doing forearm workouts. You are likely an ectomorph which means you're going to have to start eating more if you want to gain size as well.

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There is nothing at all to suggest accutane affects growth.



I stand corrected. However linking me to a google search result and not a study is not beneficial to the thread. All those studies were long term (year(s)) isotretinoin at high dose in younger children. At 20Mg it is highly, highly unlikely that the drug had any affect on his growth.

I also took low dose isotretinoin when I was approximately 16 and suffered no growth issues. I was 5'11 at the time and grew to be over 6'4 at 20, with no other growth abnormalities.

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The point of the google search results being the sheer number of studies that show negative effects of isotretinoin on bone density and premature epiphyseal closure. Pick one.

Considering these studies, it does appear to effect growth to some degree regardless of dose. It hasn't been stated otherwise.

Isotretinoin also lowers growth hormone and IGF-1 signalling at the cellular level. Perhaps this is the mechanism at fault?

Agreed that having stunted growth at 6'1" is nothing to be overly concerned about.

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