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Acne Free After 20+ Years

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I have suffered with acne for over 20 years and have tried everything. I've tried elimination diets, topical creams, medication, vigorous washing, vitamins, etc. it finally took a certain combination of lifestyle choices and dietary additions to finally have my acne 99% cleared.

Before I tell you the specific major changes, here are certain healthy habits that I frequently exercise which I believe has also had an impact on the health of my skin. I have a good sleep schedule, I only drink water, I avoid milk, toothpaste, white bread and soda and anything that comes from a can or a box. I also don't drink alcohol or smoke, we all know these factors relate to an increase in acne.

These are the three significant changes I have recently made to my lifestyle and my diet that kept my acne clear for over half a year now.

1) I eat plants every day.

2) I don't shower every day anymore.

3) I don't sleep on my face.

Eating plants every day is a significant change to my diet. I can see the differences in the texture of my face from eating plants after a few days. Humans are omnivores. The western diet is mainly bread, meat, and sugar. Try giving your body a break from this and include a salad, broccoli, spinach, kale, etc in your diet every day.

Showering (chlorine, hot water) significantly harms the top layer of skin on your body called the horny layer. By reducing the amount of times that I shower, I give my skin the time to create a healthy balance of bacteria, skin development and nourishment. I also don't use shampoo or soap. These are unnatural additions to the interaction of humans and water.

Lastly, I don't sleep on my face. I just simply sleep on my back and try to avoid any contact with my face to my bed. I try to avoid anything that would irritate my face, such as towels, pillows, etc. Switching to a silk pillow case can also help, but I'm fine with sleeping on my back.

These are very simple lifestyle changes that I would like all of you to try before criticizing. You really never know until you try something. Hopefully I have helped some of you in the battle against this terrible disease and I wish you good luck.


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Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try not showering everyday and sleeping on my face but it will be very hard not to! You said you don't use shampoo, so what do you use? I have thick, wavy hair what should I use?

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