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Acne Ruins My Well Being. 100% Can't Be Myself. This Can't Life Man

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Man.... I never talk about my acne with anyone but I've come to a point where I'm embarresed to even talk to my mom about this or even see anyone!

I remember my life before I had acne.... Man I was living life. I've always been a shy dude but everything was great without acne. Shit I was talking to girls, just living. Then senior year happened. (I'm 21 now) (been a long 5 years) senior year was the hardest thing ever for me. That's when it all started. I remember avoiding everyone and hiding my face from everyone. That's all in the past tho and let's talk about now.

Ok I'm 21.... Acne forced me to quit my job.... Flunk out of Community college, and lose some of my best friends.

Today I went and got a haircut... From this beautiful Asian/Latina lady that I thought was attractive, I've known her for about a year now... So I go in and mid way thru my cut she comes back from answering the phone and says "why are you breaking out so much!" And since then I have been severely depressed and embarresed even more about my fuckin pizza face. This shit sucks man. Fuck everything. I found a product that worked for me, I was actually clearing up and then I get word they're discontinuing this product... And since then my life has been hell....... I don't even know what to say, just know that I'm writing this from my car because I'm 2 embarresed to show my face at home. I'm missing out on playing basketball with my friends.... Just missing out on everything.

I guess I'll post some pictures :/

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Dude, let me just tell you I know exactly how you feel. Im in my senior year right now and its hell. I mean people are nice enough to not say I look like shit right to my face, but I sure as hell know thats what theyre talking about when Im not around (or perhaps im just paranoid(result of fucking acne)). I too remember life before this shit and hell, that was some good times... I use to never be single, when one relationship ended I just moved on to another girl. I loved being out playing soccer with my friends or just hanging out with them. I cant do any of that shit nowadays. Its just too embarassing. I spend all my time at the computer except for school (which I hate). It sucks, it does.

But we're going through this together man, remember that. Life will get better.

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I feel you!

It's taken me years to get mine under any kind of control, I had horrible, cystic, painful acne for all my teen years. It is embarrassing, damages your self confidence until it is nothing, and it causes major depression. At least, it did in me. My advice to you is don't skip from treatment to treatment, give it at least a month to start working before moving onto something else. Changing products constantly only does more damage to your PH levels and skin. It's hard, but keep your chin up! It will go away, or you will at least figure out how to manage it and you WILL feel better about it! Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. Stay positive.

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Hey there... You're not alone. I'm in the same boat. I don't even want to think about going on dates with anyone right now because of the condition my face is in. I go to work and I feel like people are staring at my face. Uuuuuugh!

What product were you using that is being discontinued?

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I second the work thing. Sucks ass but having it in school was more rough.

You gotta exercise and get away from the computer man. I used to drive 10-15mins from my neighborhood with my dog so I could walk around and not see anyone I know. Bring your iPod and jam out in a park. Just spend as much time outside as you possibly can (literally hours before it gets cold as ****). If you can forget why you are there you can really have a great time and slowly you will care less about your face (acne should also get better).

Run early in the morning (running at night will make it harder to sleep) and spend time outside man that's the best advice I can give you. Regimen and everything else you gotta figure out on your own. My skin was the worst when I was a hardcore gamer and giving that up helped my face.

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