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Face So Broke Out Except On Period?!

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After researching lots of articles, I feel like my acne is definitely hormonal. I get it on my jawline, lower checks and so on.... Weird thing about it is that my face clears up while I'm on my period! I mean perfectly clear but as soon as I'm off my period it starts breaking up! Anyone have this happen? Also, what do y'all suggest I take? The whole DIM and saw Palmetto is so confusing, can anyone help me pleasssseeee?!

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I have the exact same issue. I have rough, ruddy, dull, and acne ridden skin except for the times when I have my period. When I am on my period my skin is glowing! This is opposite from most women's experiences. Does anyone know why this may be?

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Hello are you ladies currently on birthcontrol? I've read a lot of women have that experience when they are taking a birth control that doesn't quite work with your body chemistry. Hope that helps a little!

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Day 1 (first day of period) to Day 7: Estrogen starts rising during this period.

Day 8 to day 14 (ovulation): Estrogen keeps rising but so does testosterone.

Day 15 to Day 22: Progesterone rises, estrogen and testosterone drop off

Final 6 days of your cycle (PMS period): Estrogen and progesterone plunge dramatically.

Estrogen has positive effects on both the skin and the brain. It is anti-inflammatory.

Testosterone and progesterone can stimulate acne. Especially testosterone.

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hi! sorry for your frustration..

green gable's "how to treat hormonal acne" post was very helpful to me when i discovered this site.

i have the same problem and deciding whether to take DIM or Saw palmetto was daunting for me too.

i read this post and decided that inositol would be a safe place to start since it is a B vitamin. I have been taking it for close to 2 months and the cysts on my chin have been showing up very rarely and go away after a day (before there was always a very inflamed cyst present on my chin and a new one would start popping up before the other one could fade out)

though i am still having problems with the clogged pores on my jawline i feel like this supplement has helped me along with increasing vitamin D intake. maybe inositol will work even better for you?!?

i have decided to start taking saw palmeto

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