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Have Anyone Of U Ever Screwed Up Convo With Someone Bcs Of Obsession Of Skin Nd Health

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im so depressed right now bt thts wht i get for being such a idiot

i was talking to this person tht i kinda like n would like as a friend n we had a convo abt some things n everything was great until things started to touch some substances n abt effects on ur body n stuff like tht n as soon as tht happened i automatically switched into research mood n kinda become manic abt drawing some info out of them

the thing is i said some things tht i only later realised they couldve been uncomfortable abt or relate to (cos i fkn said so obv af) n i guess got offended. i just fucking killed everything. i didnt meant tht abt them at all!!! bt i was in this science mood n just wanted to find out everything asap again tht wasnt thinking abt wht i say ><

now im so depressed cos it probably depressed them too, deff made everything soo awkward

oh god how i hate myself right now, y i couldnt hv been normal nd healthy tht doesnt wory abt this kinda shit. its just made everything lame n just tastes so bad now, fuking topic u just dnt discuss with someone u like omg wht was i thinking >< bt im so fkng desperate to figure out everything i cant control myself

they wont talk to me now, i know, nd idk how to fix this now

it is all shit acnes n diseases fault

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omg just how could i poop up such a good progress with this person..well it wasnt even tht good ><; bt today everything went well n then i fuking went into med mode n just pooped everything with my blaah i said. they r easily depressed person it seems n idk wht they think now. im just feeling so hella bad right now >< they wont ever talk to me bcs its just so lame now..wth do i do now? cant stop thinking now, stressing as hell...its such a gross topic abt declean n whtnot, u probs gotta b informed on it tho etc bt i didnt want to talk abt it with this person at all >< oh god! its awkward forever now. i just killed everything. wht do i ever do now ><

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Dude chill you didn't ruin it if that person found that awkward then they are just like a heavily awkward person naturally like if that's something you do often this person should accept you and if they don't fuck them and move on, were allowed to cuss on this?

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