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Paleo Diet Cured My Acne - Progress Video Log!

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This is how I cleared my acne. Acne all starts from your digestion guys, if your body isn't properly eliminating toxins it will show through your skin. Some foods aren't meant for everybody, everyone's body is different. Like a lot of people, I found that my body did not agree with gluten and dairy. They were toxic to my body. Change your diet, change your skin, change your life. Here's a short video I made that's worth your time. The transformation is amazing!


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Hmmmnn.. Looks like you had more scars than active acne.

can you upload a video of yourself talking to the camera so we can actually see your skin closely? All I see is one picture of you with clear skin near the end which could have been filtered or photoshopped for all I know.

Also your acne could came back too. Lots of people go "paleo" or "vegan" experience clear skin for a few months (mostly because of the weight loss) and then relapse a few months later. Only time will tell.

there was a poster here on this site by the name of dejavuclairvoyant (or something?) who used to document her healthy eating journey here in the forums. Originally what happened is that she had her acne under control for a year with her special diet ect. And then experienced a complete relapse. Her acne became extremely cystic and inflamed and was totally unmanageable. She recently did an update post her on acne.org explaining that her acne has been under control for over a year with medication and she's doing fantastic.

If this diet thing doesn't work out don't hesitate to try some meds if you can.

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