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Taylor W

Not The Skin I Was Expecting At This Stage In The Regimen...

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okay so this is my 8-9 week on the regimen & I feel like my skin has barley cleared up at all :( I'm following the regimen exactly and even added in AHA+ a month after I started. I still have widespread, red acne all over both of my cheeks and some on my forehead. most of the bumps have gone down but my skin still looks like complete crap. it's still dry and flaky too even when I use jojoba oil. is this normal? has anyone experienced this?! if you have does it get better?!? (I hope) this is my last hope before going on accutane.

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bp does not work for everyone i sugest you wait 3 days or at least 1 between bp application applying bp while you have flakes is only going to make it wose i think .

If i were you id lay off everything use just water and wait till the flakes go away wich may take some time

Also if you do plan on oing on accuane try vitamin b5 first


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Many people see improvement 2-3 months after they begin with the Regimen, for some it may take even longer. I'd suggest stick with it! If you read the boards, you'll see that many people have a problem similar to yours.

By the way, I'm already 3 months into the Regimen and although my face has definitely improved, it is still rough and flaky (yes I've tried everything you mentioned above). Some people actually have success with using the Cetaphil moisturizer at night though I haven't tried it.

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I agree with TPower. Also, I have been using cetaphil moisturizer at night and it's thicker and it definitely helped with my dryness. Good luck.

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Yep, defo cetaphil at night helps with flakes but you should start to see come improvement with the AHA too.

It would be disappointing if you're still breaking out after 2 months, but its encouraging that you have less bumps. Have you been taking progress photos (even if its for your eyes only?). I know that I used to feel that the regimen wasn't working but I took photos every week, and I used to get a shock when I compared them to see how much my skin improved.

Everyone is different and some skin types just take longer for the regimen to work. If you are truly following the steps as described and not adding in any other products or steps, then it is purely a waiting game. Try not to give up, because you have come so far.

Good luck :)

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thanks everyone! the past few weeks I thought I was getting clearer, and I guess I have been when I look back at the summer months. but I recently just started getting some pimples on my forehead/ mouth area & it's freaking me out cause I thought I was past that! I still have redness/acne marks/ scars all over both my cheeks. I'm not sure what they really are exactly but it's like widespread red dots all over my cheeks. the redness has definitely gone down but I'm still hoping it will completely clear up :( it's like they're visible but when I touch my face I can't feel them, if that makes sense. not sure how to get rid if them but I'm gonna stick this one out. hoping I see really good results by late next month. might switch over to cstaph il moisturizer too once my other one runs out

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I was in the exact same situation (week ~7, no improvement at all - my skin actually looked even worse than when I started) and I changed the BP I was using. I never got any redness from the acne.org BP and I just felt like it wasn't doing anything at all, so I switched to BenzaClin, a prescription gel with 5% BP and 1% clindamycin. My skin is doing so much better in the one week since I switched! I don't know if acne.org has poor quality control or if 2.5% just isn't strong enough for serious cases like mine (and maybe yours), but if you haven't seen improvement in 2 months, maybe you should consider trying out a new BP product. It's working great for me so far :)

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