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I am using about three-five products. Not all at the same time or everyday. I'm using a BPO mask from Neutrogena (only putting it on 2 times a week), the 3-in-1 wash with 5% BPO from Clean & Clear (or the PCA 5% Skin31 wash I rotate sometimes), the Persa BPO from Clean & Clear 5%(about to switch to the acne.org treatment once when it gets here) and the AHA+ from Acne.org only twice a week at night. I use a sunscreen/moisturizer everyday (unless I don't go out).

Right now my eyes are hurting and I can barely open them. I have been using this for about maybe two weeks? I don't understand why my face is so dry and why my dark spots are even more darker than before. I feel as if I'm burning my skin, but sometimes I just wash it, put my sunscreen on and that's it. I'm so despressed and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I tried to go the natural way for the past year and I started to get small, skin colored bumps all over my face. Now that I have went back to BPO, I don't have that anymore...my skin is super smooth, but I have bad hyperpigmentation and my face is peeling, flaking and super dry even after I put on moisturizer! I don't know if this is worth looking like this everyday and feeling like crap to go on. Any thoughts?

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You sound like you are going through a similar situation as me recently. My face got so irritated it was unbearable. At times I didn't even want to leave the house (which I have never felt like in my life). I stumbled upon this thread on these forums and it sounds like this might be helpful for you: I can't thank the creator of that thread enough!

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My skin specialist recommended I use a 15% Glycolic acid wash then use a serum which includes salycilic acid/azelaic acid. I've to use these both at night.

Then in the morning a salycilic wash along with a Vitamin C serum.

I really am unsure and I bought the products I guess becuase she helped my skin the last time with her recommendations.

but she has suggested tgat I definitely don't moisturise.

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